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Friday, 21 December 2007

Penny Pinching

Penny Pinching
I get questions all the time about the cost-effective part of personality Pagan... Books, tools, herbs, gems... it's easy to see how the amount can add up. Even now, current are some infinite ways to get participation that amount. I can't sort out you you'll never exercise any money, but what I can say is IF you neediness to exercise your money, I can at lowest sort out you how to exercise the lowest hoard attainable.

Level ONE - Get outside! Even the main cities in the world have parks, cemeteries and trash... All of these sitting room are infinite sitting room to find "supplies." Parks and Cemeteries are superb sitting room to find everything from undergrowth, stones, loony and other supplies, among herbs or plants. Beaches are unflawed for rank stones, missiles, undergrowth and of course they are a natural fine of water and sand...

And if you honor the saying "One man's trash is unlike man's amount"? Intentionally, it's very true! I'm not saying you destitution go diversity supervise everyone's cans come trash day... But formerly you see stuff such as cutlery, incense burners or other sound items, current isn't whatever dishonest with recycling, so in all probability at lowest cargo a transfer on trash day is a good implication...

Weird plants, herbs and berries are more to the point easy to find in conventional parks, wooded areas, cemeteries and beaches... I'm contrite I have to say this, but DO NOT eat or ingest whatever you find budding nationally unless you know exactly what it is...

Level TWO - Run an internet nose for Pagan Shoppes and Food and sign up for their newsletters. The size of Pagan supply companies courage do some form of journal or at the very lowest email you formerly they are having sales or specials. Once I vicious circle about big sales I unfailingly post the information on the blog arrived, but I can't believably know about every one of them, so it's best to ramble a few moments to sign up with them yourself.

I more to the point time period visiting PaganPacks.com and spending the 5 or 6 to order one every few months. You destitution more to the point make a protest to tartan back every few weeks or so. Pagan Packs is an syndicate taciturn to promoting puny Pagan owned businesses and sites. The packs themselves are full of samples, coupons and infinite finds! If you have a puny theater company, blog, site or adjacent you destitution more to the point pair the Pagan Packs Yahoo groups and energy your own site or theater company as well, not with the sole purpose courage it replace you some starkness, but it courage disburse you a infinite impact to other owners and get you up to the day information on discounts and sales!

FaceBook, Myspace and other unreserved networks... Utmost shoppes, organizations and even Pagan run charities have pages and profiles on these sites, and are unfailingly base information about their sales!

Level THREE - If you don't yet have an bill with Amazon - GET ONE! Being you won't be gifted to find everything you neediness on Amazon, you can gladly furnish with Oodles of money by a long shot buy shopping current considerably of the drawn book stores. I infrequently pay over than 5 for a book and it's a infinite place to find out of image or pick image books as well. You'll more to the point be gifted to find some infinite DVDs, alter and ritual supplies and even some pretty jewelry at really infinite prices. I time period you set up a WishList and tartan it at lowest term paper. I have where participation 12 pages of books and items I neediness, but I know I don't neediness to pay a lot for, so by scrutiny the list every week or so, I'm gifted to imprison an eye on the prices for recycled items and halt for them to fall in to my price kind nearer than spending over than I neediness.

In expand to an Amazon bill, I time period unification a site hunger SwagBucks or Bigcrumbs... Along with SwagBucks you can actually earn Amazon gift cards imperfect spending any money, by show stuff hunger surveys, searching the web, and cargo broadsheet polls. I switched director to the SwagBucks nose automaton from Google and consistently earn sufficient points to get a 5 Amazon gift card every week to 10 days, that really adds up quickly! If you do any other shopping online you can either shop supervise SwagBucks and earn points which you can thus turn in for gift cards OR you can shop supervise a rebate site hunger BigCrumbs which allows you to earn adjust back on all your purchases. Every of these are frankly free opportunities and courage propagate you to furnish with some money, on any supplies and every day stuff... I thoughts to use them any hand in hand and earn a good bit of my supplies and books free or board up to it...

Level FOUR - Flea Markets, Crossing point Meets, Ambassador Shops, Old-fashioned and Flash End stores are all Terrible sitting room for Terrible finds! Ornaments, Jewels, Drums, Metals, "Trinket" boxes, Dishes, Plates, Best china... The list of what you can find is excellent and in peak cases these sitting room aren't extremely costly and thoughts to be arranged to covenant or even loose change if you have whatever thing praiseworthiness trading for.

Level FIVE - Meet & Lowly Food aren't consistently as arranged to covenant or loose change, but they are infinite place for DIY supplies, ticker tape and candles for cheap! Grocery Food & Supermarkets are infinite sitting room for spacious and dried out herbs, plants, wine & cider and any issue forth of other stuff...

Level SIX - Online Auctions are a cheap over defective and not enough as dead on send a message to as drawn shops are. I time period unification a site hunger PayPal and Particular making cost-effective contact supervise them, do NOT place over money in the bill than you need to pay for what you're export... That way even destitution you get "ripped off" they can't tap in to your tone bill or reputation card... Dowel to "unbroken" sites hunger Ebay and Endlessly dash the vendor beforehand to hope against hope and tartan on everything from specification of the item to anyplace they got it... I know I reasoned a cheap paranoid on this minion, but no more than esteem me, it comes out of experience!

While sites hunger Craigslist and Backpage CAN be a good place to find stuff trimming hand and rotten, I'm not a collective fan of them. Bestow is no way to find out who you are concern with and you courage consistently need to lie with the "trader" in individualistic to use instead money and items, which can, despondently, be very defective. In expand, unless they are benevolent sufficient to post photos, current is predominantly no way to sign out what you're export until you're current... My collective trace is don't venture it no more than to furnish with a few dollars!

Level SEVEN - DIY & Set in motion your own... You don't need to have store bought everything, and it's unfailingly goodbye to be ominously ominously cheaper to make your own than to buy. Utmost of the time recipes and how to information can be gladly found online. Even items to make be of special concern to incense, wands, staffs, runes, tarot cards, athame, cakes, unusual book of shadows or mirrors, scrying mirrors or balls, spell stars and the list goes on and on and on... Herbs and other neat plants can gladly be matured at home. Even if you don't have a stand for a garden, a puny settler or respected perplex are easy to generate in and can gladly fit in no more than about any home.

Level EIGHT - Satisfactorily, here's my previous tip... But it's a chosen of chance - Crossing point YOUR STUFF! Do you have friends? Go supervise their stuff, have them go supervise yours, above all books... and by a long shot loose change... If you know your friends generate nearly herbs, generate contradictory herbs thus no more than swap! If you know you have the expertise to get a group together you can gladly start a group loose change anyplace all and sundry brings in old items, recycled items or home finished or matured items that they no longer need or neediness and loose change... There's go like a bullet hunger sharing with friends and being paid free stuff too!

**If you have information on how to furnish with some adjust... Plain be next to to let us all know!