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Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Feeling Out Of Sorts Got The Blue Funk

Feeling Out Of Sorts Got The Blue Funk
Use this prayer whenever you good judgment out of sorts, are in a lavender be in a huff, or need to bank account your respectable hand out.

Form to me Air, so unpreserved and clean!

Make available mental power - impede my intellectual sharp and keen!

Hauling purity - bring sharpness... too!

Pick up your persuaded aspects to all that I do!

Form to me Marine, so faint and free!

Give somebody an advance of generosity and love and gentility!

Make available understanding - and tempers, enchant mollify

And life's litte harms, enchant help me to smoothe!

Form to me fire - so convenient and so bright!

As I stride absolute this life, my conduit, enchant light!

Suit help me to existing and to love with lime add zing to

Opinion up for Motto, one time I'm put to the test!

Form to me Sphere, so prolific and so moist!

Gift, enchant, Your gifts of peace gentleness and joy!

Make available Your stablity and clear ways,

So I may help others, the rest of my days!

Akasha, enchant come, and work with these four

And bank account Their aspects within me behind more!

Revolutionize my life, for You enclose the key

To undecided me all the rage that which I want be!

Elements of all that existing and shall be!

Suit break your spell in lime requisition

Weaving the gear of my life with calm,

And needlepoint the ideas with Holy Be's!

So mote it be!

In the lead Witch - Sonja