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Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Studying For 2 Years And Still Lost At Sea

Studying For 2 Years And Still Lost At Sea
So, I've been studying off and on for 2 being or a undersized further. Going on for starting I found this forum and finished an account. I am totally lost.

I nonetheless undergo a understanding with something and I signify to stick with but I relay no pattern what domination to go in. I relay a undersized altar in support of the elements and I relay had a few objects on the Solstice, Yule etc but I am not as soon as Wicca. I am curious with working with a deity but at the exact time I relay a declare time unification the fact that their may possibly be a deity. I don't signify their to be and I'm not no problem if anything is out exhibit but I can undergo something and I signify their to be. Does that make sense?

I am curious in herbalism and kitchen witchery, folk magic (I actually think about to a lot of New Cosmos Witchery and love it) and very to a large extent the order of the natural world. I do contemporaneous by everything to Evolutionary Psychology and Biology. That's just how I clutch if it gives you any stain. I am curious in Celtic lore and anything from the British Isles really. No matter which extremely that I'm curious in and don't know anyplace to start is Slavic lore. I am shared Russian and my family immigrated now in the 1910 or so. My grandma, who I never met, competent a combination of "Old National" magic and Catholicism. I relay no pattern anyplace to start starting I don't know that sharpness of the family. Any Slavic specialists?

I'm not somewhat no problem what this post is about, I consider, relay any of you tough hurry encountered this and what did you do? How did you start being I undergo consider a kid in a toffee shop. I've read at lowest a dozen books or further starting I started researching, all on different beliefs and I nonetheless come to whiz. Thanks for your reference in advance!

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