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Saturday, 6 November 2010

What Witches Do

What Witches Do Image
'There are very few good primers on witchcraft out there. We are pleased to say this one of the best ones we have read. It contains everything someone new to the Craft needs to start them on their path. It is well written and easy to understand.' - Janet Farrar and Gavin Bone, authors of 'A Witches Bible', and 'Progressive Witchcraft'.'

This book is both powerful and quite facinating; each coven and tradition has its own methods of working the sacred magic's, and 'Craft of the Wise' rather proves this. I am sure Craft of the Wise will prove valuable reading for those interested in the historical beginnings and this particular practice of witchcraft, which is both clear and direct.' - Maxine Sanders, author of 'Fire Child', and 'Maxine: Witch Queen'.

Bringing together both practical experience and innovative research, 'Craft of the Wise: A Practical Guide to Paganism & Witchcraft' communicates a balance of accepted Craft methods together with a wealth of information relating to the origins and beliefs of this ancient Craft.The book is published with O-Books, and is out on the 30th October 2009. For more information about the book, the author, and how to pre-order, please visit the website, http://www.craftofthewise.co.uk/

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