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Thursday, 11 November 2010

Ways To Attract Faeries Into Your Home

Ways To Attract Faeries Into Your Home Cover
I love looking for fairies and have been blessed with the ability to commune with them for many years now. So when I moved into my own house, I was determined to create a beautiful fairy garden. I soon discovered, however, that there is more to making a fairy garden than simply planting pretty flowers and letting a small patch grow wild!

(Be Warned!, Once they are invited in, they may never leave)

1.Spend time in nature.
2.Meditate while sitting under trees, around lakes, etc.
3.Have plants and flowers inside your house or apartment.
4.Be cognizant of the abuses of nature and do your part to clean it up and reverence it.
5.Involve yourself in some creative activity on a regular basis. You don't have to be expert in it, but enjoyment of any creative activity will draw those of the faerie realm.
6.Leave an area in your yard to grow wild so that the faeries can play freely.
7.Be generous in your dealings with others.
8.Keep the child in you alive.
9.Place an echinite (fossil sea urchin) on your mantelpiece. They were called faerie loaves, made by the faeries. Those who had them would never want for food and always had faerie assistance.
10.Sing often. Nature spirits gather wherever there is song and music.
11.Keep your house relatively clean. Unless you are trying to attract a brownie, most faeires shy away from mess.
12.Once you have a faerie in your home, never leave it monatary gifts. A thimble of milk and a little bread with honey will do just fine.

Ways to Attract Fairies to your Garden

Do you want to design a garden that is an absolute haven for fairies? More and more people are awakening to the knowledge that fairies, like angels, are very real indeed. Although we cannot usually see them with the physical eye, they are there in elemental form, and it is possible to train your mind to connect with them. There is more information on how to do this at one of the links at the bottom of this page (just don't forget to come back and learn how to make your beautiful garden!)

There are lots of things to consider when designing your fairy garden and becoming an instant magnet for fairies!

* Flowers
* Trees
* Colours
* Sounds
* Scents
* Hiding places
* Provisions for wildlife
* Being eco-friendly
* Your native soil and weather conditions

And much more!

Offerings to Attract Fairies to your garden

Once your garden is ready for fairies, there are a few extra enticements to help bring them out of their hiding places.

* Put out offerings, such as bread, milk, honey, cream, milk, mead or sweet treats
* Leave gifts, such as home baked cakes, handmade crafts or natural objects like crystals and shells
* Put out little houses and shelters for the fairies to play in. You can learn how to make one here or, if you're not creative, use small birdhouses
* Play enchanting music, or hang musical objects like windchimes. Fairies love sound and song!

Finally, laugh and play in your garden. After all, more than anything else, fairies love to have fun!

Plants to Attract Fairies to your Garden

Sacred trees, native wildflowers and magical scented herbs are a great starting point for your garden. If a plant is attractive to wildlife then it will be attractive to fairies too! At makeafairygarden.com you will learn about using different flowers for different themes, seasons and areas of your garden.

Remember to tend your plants regularly, and make sure you use eco-friendly methods, preferably organic! Don't just throw weeds and fallen leaves away, make use of them in compost or mulch, and if you have to get rid of some pests, either use organic pesticides or even better, unleash an army of predators via biological control!

Suggested ebooks:

Douglas Colligan - Strange Energies Hidden Powers
Hermes Trismegistus - The Golden Tractate Of Hermes Trismegistus

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