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Sunday, 25 January 2009

Eight Sabbats Of Witchcraft

Eight Sabbats Of Witchcraft Cover

Book: Eight Sabbats Of Witchcraft by Mike Nichols

This file contains 9 seasonal Articles by Mike Nichols. They may be freely distributed provided that the following conditions are met: No fee is charged for their use and distribution and no commercial use is made of them; These files are not changed or edited in any way without the author's permission; This notice is not removed. An
article may be distributed as a separate file, provided that this notice is repeated at the Beginning of each such file. These articles are periodically updated by the author; this version is current as of 9/28/88. Contact Mike Nichols at the Magick Lantern BBS [(816)531-7265, 7pm. - 11am., 300 baud ONLY] for more recent updates,
or to leave your own Comments on them.

Download Mike Nichols's eBook: Eight Sabbats Of Witchcraft

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