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Friday, 16 January 2009

Giveaway Maria Lionza Print From Carolina Gonzalez

Giveaway Maria Lionza Print From Carolina Gonzalez
This months perk comes to us from Carolina Gonzalez, landowner of Camino De Yara. She has abundantly donated her inscription of the Idol Maria Lionza, a Venezuelan Blood relation Idol. Here's what Carolina had to say about her friendship and this lovely Goddess:

Camino De Yara is a website+blog+shop combination, strapping absolutely to the cult of Maria Lionza, which is a form of Spiritism uneducated in Venezuela. We are to be found in Tenerife (Canary Islands, Spain), which is a place densely associated to Venezuela, back the immigration and emigration in the middle of the state and the islands has been departure on for five hundred years. My own grandparents and their children lived a mixture of years in Caracas.

I met Maria Lionza's cult in the same way as I was in my adolescent twenties, instruct a friend who was a follower of the cult. That makes it about two decades ago! In the past a mixture of years scrutiny an eclectic path, but customarily upholding Maria Lionza very close-fitting, my partner and I fixed to rack the vows as their son and offspring stickup meeting.

On or after as a result, the attractiveness of our regulars and blog readers has gone more than all our prospect, and back legit information in English about the conglomerate was unexciting concealed, we fixed to twirl our work online to the divulgation of the religion, starting a new website and blog and focusing our shop on the occupation of items above all completed for people who purpose to monitor the path of Maria Lionza. Camino De Yara stands for Yara's Fast lane or Yara's Way - Yara is diverse of the names Maria Lionza has.

Maria Lionza is the Ultimate Turn of the religion and the Chief of the Three Venezuelan Powers or Tres Potencias. Image of Fabrication, root of outgoing love and affection, reheat mother of all partners, supporter of women and source of fertility and new life. I could go on and on allotment Her qualities for a thousand lines!

To symbol the opening of our new site, we are say somewhere else one 4x6 inches inscription of our Idol, depicting a digital pieced together fashioned by me, using a in debt that I also decorated in my opinion. I represented her delimited by orchids, as it is one of her favourite vegetation, and also the central grow of Venezuela.

To permeate the perk, please disturb Carolina's shop or the Camino De Yara website, and see on a product or some of their magical services that you liked. In addition be certain to reckon out her blog at Camino De Yara. Comfortable be certain to tote up your influence info in your see. The perk give stickup for one week. Kindness to Carolina for allotment her analytical work and spirit with us! Point luck to all who enter!