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Sunday, 11 January 2009

Top 5 Houseplants To Purify Your Living Space

Top 5 Houseplants To Purify Your Living Space Image
Witches know that ultimate Magic comes from the heart of nature. Forging a strong bond with nature by nurturing house plants is very empowering and can sort out your health too!

The top five plants all remove chemical vapors that build up in the home from paints, cleaners, solvents and other unhealthy things - and they have magickal abilities too as listed below:

* GERBERA DAISY Great to encourage happiness.
* PEACE LILY Encourages harmonious energies and good communication.
* BOSTON FERN Encourages psychic ability and intuition.
* ENGLISH IVY For protection and luck - especially good for newly weds.
* ARECA PALM (or Butterfly or Yellow Palm) For peace and creativity.

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