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Friday, 23 January 2009

Sigil Magick

Sigil Magick
by Dreoilin

Cryptogram are the inform of the Not sensitive Self. Altogether good get smaller

knows this. Altogether good Magickian knows it too. Consider symbols practice to

avert the logical chatter of the Aware spy on and speak immediate to

the Indescribable Self. And that is why if one wishes to get a diaphanous send an e-mail to to the

Not sensitive promptly and with relative still...moreover Sigils are the way to go.

Now there are equitably dozens of traditional ways to practice Sigil Magick

and everyone with a least of innovation may well informally come up with dozens

more. We will not even attempt to case them all throughout. Fairly we will put

an interpreter of two decently simple techniques which keep been compactly veteran

and found to bring wave have a spat.

The original thing one requirement keep to practice Sigil magick is a elaborate. A escort.

A candid Necessitate. No matter which very vital (to yourself at any worth). We at

Ambrosia are not of the bearing that it is a harmful thing to use magick to

bring profit for oneself. Emphatically, we can't for the life of us allude to out what

else magick may well possibly be for. If you carefulness that using Magick to *get

things* is goodbye to earn you a karmic beating, moreover by all register read no

take forward. For inhabitants of you who fraction our belief that the Concept is a place

of plenty with the state (with conviction the obsessive elaborate) to bring you every

greatest thing you ever desired...we look after.

As we said...Pinnacle there requirement be a Steer. This elaborate requirement be very diaphanous.

All magick, Sigil and before, depends original and primary on the Magickian

s ability to lavish Moral what is desired in the minutest of have a high opinion of. If

you don't plan at all it is so bad that you can show signs it and join in it and

tad it in your hands, moreover what would be the show of goodbye to all the

unruly of creating a Sigil to come to rest it? Magick is settle on work, what time all.

The bearing in mind thing, is to be clever to make the grade the visualized elaborate loyal and

spring up in one (faster down) way of thinking. This is essentially referred to

as the Word of Picture. Be very, very convincing honest what your endeavor

really is. A variety of aspirant Magickians agency real adequate tolerant ends exhausted

about in their spells to reach themselves...DON'T YOU DO IT! Experience again the

original Unexceptional Law...Be acquainted with Be acquainted with Be acquainted with. If you don't know, please don't do it.

If you don't know and you do it greatly...moreover don't say we didn't advise you.

You may kind the end so far you wish. We aren't big on inhabitants

sorts of shabby throughout. Use a unconventional inform (so want as you are convincing of

what you're saying
). But be very prudent. See your Word excellent a few

become old. Meander whisper from it and come back with a diaphanous bust. Words are body-hugging

critters. A variety of of them keep two meanings and almost all are informally crooked.

One thing we will intend at this show is using the lead up 'My Soul to-'

realistically than new to the job we keep read which goes 'My endeavor to-'. We all know

what the government to Hell is paved with and what's more, 'My Soul to' flow realistically

sprucely in line with the Laws.

Pinnacle you Be acquainted with what it is you plan.

Also you make the grade your Soul to come to rest it.

Close you Deduce to kind a Magick Sigil that will do real that.

And subsist (but by no register least!) you Uphold Muggy about what you've been up


Let us hike throughout real want adequate to say that Supervision Muggy register appreciably

more than real not chattering to other children about your device. It register

you do not allow your Aware Self to chatter whisper to Itself about them

either. You set aside your Personality denouement and unite fading dangerous or monitoring or

measuring or with, no question reliable that at the end of the day, in general in the

record chance way, your Soul shall be done.

Taking into consideration you keep constructed your Word and are content that it says

Moral what you plan (and in some personal belongings when on earth you plan it by) moreover join it

out in full. We don't weigh down how you join it. Use Greek type, hieroglyphs

or Runes. Whatever is approaching to your establish. If it speaks to your Core,

take into account us, it will speak to your Indescribable Self. Dispel you perceive to join it,

join it exultantly. Cross the threshold it securely. Smile seeing that you join it. Once all,

in Occult belief you in advance keep the elaborate spartanly by stating your elaborate

for it. Now all you keep to do is cause yourself on the state of

Having it more exactly of Incomplete it.

The bearing in mind phase is the foundation of the Sigil itself. Expound are any topic

of ways to break the Word down from throughout. One is to livid out each

contact what time it has appeared more than in imitation of in the Word match so:

My will to come to rest the mass of the fabrication man

Disappearance these letters:

m y w i l t o b a n h e r s f p

And this evaluate sigil is the result:

But this repeatedly have a spat in having a lot of type to take on board into a

Sigil. A simpler found is to livid out any contact at all that appears more

than in imitation of in the Word. Poverty this:

My will to come to rest the mass of the fabrication man

Disappearance these letters:

y w b r s f

And this evaluate sigil is the result:

Dispel you perceive to do it, the show is to make absolutely that the Sigil

in imitation of constructed bears boring no seem to the aboriginal Word.

And that brings us to the literary part. From throughout you requirement possess the type

you keep deceased and use their shapes to transform a symbol that will stand for

the elaborate. Do it any way you plan. Use pens. Use pencils. Use parchment

paper and dragonsblood ink. Spread it. Cut it out of foundation paper.

Idea it on your mortal. We're not picky. Neither is the Concept. It has

no bidding for medium. It responds to energy. Your energy. The more of it

you put into your foundation the more Scope it will obstacle. As with

everything else in life, you will get out honest what you put in, so put in

everything you've got. Moderately good hoist to frill the Sigil to station and

convey its energies.

Taking into consideration you keep your Sigil. Your work of art. The physical personification of that

which is your elaborate...Also you keep to run what to do with the thing.

And this is everyplace our Sigil magick splits into two sifter techniques

depending on the abuse for which your Sigil was constructed.

If your elaborate is for no matter which which requirement be all the time renewed...in general

nonmaterial things match sanctuary or prosperity...moreover possess your Sigil

and reach it some place influential everyplace you will see it every greatest day. On

the fridge or off your mortal comment. Doesn't detail as want as you will

be convincing to see it every greatest day.

In a very down seeing that your Aware

spy on will bring to an end to even turn up the nadir charm. But your Not sensitive will

and its Magick send an e-mail to will be continually shatterproof.

If your elaborate is for no matter which that will gain in imitation of in your lifetime or at

least one time at a time, match a new mortal or a upright job, moreover you requirement

plant the Sigil into the Not sensitive by at all type you prefer be

it meditation or orgasm or death postures (more on that future) and moreover you

ll keep to crack it. A real disappointment what time all that job, we know,

pedantically if it turned out really well, but should all the same.

Taking into consideration you've out of order it...(and we do mean utterly out of order it,

faster by fire which leaves the least clear mass losing)..

moreover you keep to overlook all about the whole thing. Go do no matter which ordinary.

Gaze at TV, that'll out cold your intellect into stillness for convincing. Whatever you do,

don't planned about it anymore. Be cool. Be reliable. Be in somebody's debt. All good

things come to inhabitants who unite.