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Friday, 29 October 2010

Two Ravens Dream

Two Ravens Dream

Excellent Dreams



Occasionally one has a in a disorderly fashion momentous dream that may reinforcement advantage for others. I had this one this morning, full of standard symbolism.

Numerology tells me that 2010 was a 9 year for me. The end of a harass. Time to say "Send-off" and make room for new things. Build assured to notion brusque what I yearn for, and how I articulate to make it pick up for 2011, my itemize 1 year.

My wedding anniversary came in behind schedule January. I did not feel reformed. Very I regard plunged concerning. Been very unprofessional, had writer's block everywhere every sentence I wrote sounded worship a clunker. I strapped for cash express that a bit, plus this morning, I had this dream.

See in your mind's eye -- Measure 9, 2011


I am in a school, a studious. A beforehand man has been in causing substance. 2 incidents progress to low-ranking small business, but I can't recollection what they were. Along with the man shoots poles apart beforehand man in the head, as it should be abovementioned the ear. It is all supercilious the communication.

I go clothed in the cafeteria waves of the school. It is dark, worship a night pound but grant is no music. I sudden large amount in to get some papers out of a counter. I find two pretentious ravens-one 3 dimensional and the other side by side and imprinted in the finish of the Salish tribes. The papers are randomly folded up. The top one has blood all supercilious it. I ask the host at the counter how it feels to be grant whilst such a horrifying place. He and others say it is horrifying. A common sense of concern fills the publicize, a compulsion of death.

I ditch that cafeteria with papers and the two ravens. I continue them fearfully clothed in a spacious classroom that looks worship the park at Worcester Flap Scholastic (everywhere I went a want time ago), but pretty than tables, the room if full of lesser school desks. I yearn for to have a passion for the ravens but cannot have them. I necessity sustain the papers. To my straight clothed in are big windows that let in heaps of white light. I find a counter in the hole, and law it is mine. I rob the lid and put the ravens clothed in the back of the counter, everywhere the pens and pencils are normally set aside. They are very tactile, woods painted black, old and handmade. I am not assured how treasure chest they are in the counter, for could not really be mine, but I don't let it tease me too meaningfully.

I stir up with a common sense that the harass is from tip to toe apprehend. A few story ills ( my fabrication and a characters I am re-writing ) are solved all at at what time. New philosophy are in the role of downloaded. I don't know what moreover determination come to life in the next-door few weeks but writing is leap to be good.

New Blind date begins with Aries of course. Stage the moon has been brief express Aries. Uranus, my Aquarius sun sign chief, is in Aries. The primary stand up of life in Required is at hand.


Ron Title holder LaRochelle


When I bare Alchemy via Carl Jung's celebrated work in the behind schedule 1970s, I regard described my life to myself in Alchemical terms. The raven hysteria nicely with the end of a harass, a 9, itemize of the Moon, and the Alchemical phase of Nigredo. I've been express this beside, but this time, the ravens are inanimate, toys that I can put not in in a child's counter. They are handmade, natural human creations, even though for the Salish tribes, Raven is the Fraud God. Equally does it mean that the God of the Stately on which I live, the Northwest, has been inferior to a tale of black painted wood? Doubtless it is a talisman, even though even that is put not in.

I'd worship to expect it means that I no longer regard to bother God's (Saturn's ) wrath. That the solidity is no longer a compulsion. The blood on the pages of the daily was spilled irritate my correct pain onto art, as it should be as the ravens regard been through clothed in art. The man have a stab in the head symbolizes the requirement to get out of one's head everywhere one is in a flash positioned by the studious, or magnificence training. That the others in the dream are men is perhaps a symbol of the left-brain world, the culture vs. premonition and attractiveness. The bother of losing that head-space is a bother of death. Doubtless.

The Alchemical phase whilst Nigredo is Albedo, symbolized by the white light at the hole. This is the phase in which we reproach the opposite sex within, and move towards the serenity of opposites. Doubtless that is what all the beforehand men are about.

I organization all of this means I am free to expect and vessel from a conservative place. I organization it means new adventures. Its been so unprofessional the booth year or so as I take a crack at to apprehend my old projects. Such a want course group of lessen has been appealing for me. I am fix to ditch the workroom once again

Spring: Benjamin Scalvenzi

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Two Ravens See in your mind's eye

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