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Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Ritual For A Day Of Peace In The Family

Ritual For A Day Of Peace In The Family Cover
COLOR: Lavender


ALTAR: Upon a lavender cloth set a tray of cakes shaped like clasping hands, and many cups full of hot tea.

OFFERINGS: Promise to attempt to be more considerate of those you live with.

DAILY MEAL: Any food, but it must be served from one great plate for every table, and it should not be in separate portions.


May there be Peace in this house.

(Response: "May there be peace in this house!")

Peace can be a hard mistress. The daily round of the ordinary, The simple turn of day and night and day The presence of the same souls Can come to be like a shadow on the sun, And yet Peace still demands That we find a way to move past That ordinariness And all the thousand thorns and briars And bring Peace into the house.

(Response: "May there be peace in this house!")

Take the hand of your sister, your brother, The one who shares your roof, your table, The ground you walk on, Whose feet know the boards as well as your own, And swear to find a way To bring peace into the space between you.

(Response: "May there be peace in this house!")

CHANT: My brother, my heart, my sister, my soul;

My family, my life, come in from the cold;

My sister, my heart, my brother, my soul;

My family, my life, that makes this life whole.

(Instead of a ritual, this period of time should be used to mediate and address problems between members of the family, with emphasis on peacemaking and compromise and useful solutions. At the end of the meeting, all share cakes and tea.)

Found in: Pagan Book of Hours - Breviary

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