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Sunday, 15 April 2007

Outdoor Environments For Coven Ritual

Outdoor Environments For Coven Ritual Cover If you chose to hold your gathering outdoors you have a lot of choices for creating your environment. There are many solitaries who have the ability to create an outdoor spiritual space and they want to share the environment with others. These areas can be elaborate recreations of Stonehenge, large copper piped pyramids, or simple groves in a wooded area that has been simply decorated with flowers, wooden artwork, or ribbons and bows. I know of a Shaman who built a covered deck area in the middle of his 3 acre property. It’s a beautiful 9 ft by 9ft structure, which allows his coven to meet outdoors yet protected by the elements when necessary.

These days, having a ritual with a bonfire in the center is a very popular practice. Many covens have acquired brass fire pits from their local home improvement store, to safely enjoy a bonfire for their ritual workings. And those really need to be used outside.

There is a huge range of ideas that can be incorporated in the ritual space when it’s held outside. It’s a chance to use your imagination and perhaps even connect with your spiritual teachers, guides and deities to solicit their energy in the creation of the space.

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