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Saturday, 30 January 2010

The Full Moon At Home

The Full Moon At Home
After I was in a different place, I next took the time to go deeper in my pagan path, reading, libretto on my bok of shadows - knowledge is never too widely, as my uncle hand-me-down to say.

I continually following to tribute items very simple about rituals and spells, no broadmindedness to make elaborated stuff, I tend to meander, fatally. So esbats are fairly simple during. I in total embrace two of everything because of Lucas. As he loves prize part of sabbaths and esbats (and every witchy very that he notices I'm about to do), I make the ludic part with him, and also, what time he sleeps, I make my solitary rituals and prayers. Populate with kids at home understand the reasons: grant are continually spontaneous interruptions and observations that may break the meeting place (I don't really keep an eye on, he's learning and playing what time all)!

So at esbats, I light a white candle on his altar, place a casement confuse with water, and he pours some drops of mauve guache on the water to see the images that comes up (he "sees" everything you can depiction, from dragons to mermaids). After he visualizes them, he meeting place on good, of course intellectual. I took this from Elsie & Pooka page a long time ago, and he loves it. We're next grating to take up again making dreamboards for Jamie's Vivid Moon posts, but life's been hectic in recent times, but swiftly I'll get the pace again.

As soon as Lucas sleeps, I barely light my altar white candle and say a trifling thank you prayer to the Idol what time draw squiggles a pentagram on my ridge with the water from my chalice. The candle takes its own time to end, and I rest too. I'd love to know what you guys do at your esbats!