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Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Coming Very Soon The Kairological Qabalah

Coming Very Soon The Kairological Qabalah
Snowy Crane's most modern book, "The Kairological Qabalah" by Dr Nicolas Laos is in a moment to be open.

This book is about rediscovering Western Esotericism within Idea, Science and the Secrets of Freemasonry, Rosicrucianism and the Illuminati.

An different and in-depth consequence at man's existential troubles and challenges, "The Kairological Qabalah" is a what went before and conceptual study as well as a genuine reinterpretation of Western esotericism and spirituality in indiscriminate. This book exposes the "Kairological Qabalah", which, arguably, is the best intellectually well-to-do and shrewd way of understanding esotericism in the era of quantum physics, cybernetics, genetics, analysis and drawn-out, globalized consumer structures. Taking part in the covers of this book, lies a powerful moral for mortal home rule and welfare

Input the Author:

Dr Nicolas Laos was untrained in Athens, Greece. He has strenuous calculation, humanities (with consequence on insightful questions), politics and firm manage. He is a assistant professor sponge off of with the Saint Elias Institution and Graduate Educate in Virginia, USA (someplace he participated in the labor of a Doctorate Assess Programme in Faith-Based Tact) and with the Centre for Here Aristotelian Studies in Ideology and Politics at the Community Academy of London. Plus, he is a fan analyst, the Draftswoman and Be foremost of the Kairological Society (a mystery, worldwide serious involvement) and an internationally published playwright. Plus, he has strenuous particular esoteric traditions and Freemasonic Succinct.