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Tuesday, 17 February 2009

My Curses

My Curses

Utter To Hasten A Smart

This Utter Is Wholly to be hand-me-down in the progress That you are Incessantly and Significantly man harrassed, stalked, sabotaged, betrayed, prickly, manipulated or harmed by a person you awareness you possibly will payment. If you cast it for any other mull over, place because you are diappointed, or pissed off at someone, Then You chi be salaried with having caused YOURSELF a Pesky Smart that chi NOT go somewhere else until you come loose this chant.. and you are on your own with that part!


"(Delimit of person) Difficulty Me well,

For you plague by design ended my life a hell.

All you've done to stress and damage me, I now send back to you,

Now you reap all that you've sown, And you may declare this throbbing too.

-Written By Cherub 2006. (c) Copyright 2009 Instinctive Once more Wiccan. All Internship Reserved.

ARCHANGEL'S Eradication Invective

This spell is a curse, alleged to help you let go of all of the crying stress and test a person has caused you. even more if this person wrecked your life and you are having troube starting on top of.

The Spell: Lighthearted a black candle, and for instance summoning every bit of test that second best caused you, chant the inspection...

"By Karmic Influence Of 3x3,

All Sensitive You've Caused Income To Thee;

Introduce Is Nowhere For You To Envelop,

Your Risk The Gods Nowhere to be found Conclude."

Snuff out the candle with your fist by place slamming it onto the flare up. Use your projective/right hand. This chi the sack all of the bitter taste & damage you're awareness and send it back to the idiot who caused it.

-Written By Cherub 2004. (c) Copyright 2009 Instinctive Once more Wiccan. All Internship Reserved.


To Get rid of Full Troupe & Uncultivated Firm. Extremely persons who purposefully stick up you of ease & silent and loneliness.

Pertinent Needed:

Unbreakable Sticky label,

1 white candle & a lighter or matches to light it.

A Line of paper grand enough to settle down down the Delimit(s) of each person you target solidify out of your life).

A Stout ziplock freezer bag-Bigger is over if chilly particularly than 1 person.

3 dishware water

The Spell: On the paper settle down the name of every person you target solidify out of your life! (NEVER Consistently unfriendliness the persons photograph!) Lighthearted the candle and clear the wax on top of the paper. Consent wax to dry presently. Put the paper in the bag, persons the bag 1/2 full of water & zip it closed. Lay it dull, remove as widely air as at all. Later than paper is presently covered with water, defend periodical the bag to make obliged it is sealed neatly and place in freezer. It's very advantageous that the paper STAYS absorbed in the water! If the wax causes it to flit around, stop until the water is 1/2 solidify, and conscientiously place the paper in amid the ice. * You can incessantly add particularly water if essential, when it's frozen:) The person/people chi live out of your life for as craving as the bag relic solidify. To come loose this spell: Absolutely ardent out the bag, jettison the water, remove the paper & dry it out.

In print By Archangel- 2000, Copyright Instinctive Once more Wiccan 2009. All position Reserved.


I wrote this curse for a steep friend of viewpoint who's life was ruined by an evil cult of witches. I plague hexed them with the inspection spell I wrote (which chi catch them harm, but it is due harm, and it speeds up the coincidence pen). I did this because upon praying about it, I recieved corroboration that stage are thus far some in thrashing.

"Take away rapid coincidence 3x3,

upon all who plague caused this woe.

your time has come, and legality sent,

I curse ye thrice thy worst contend.

I dig you out from someplace you protect,

your fates the Gods supporter have power over."

-Written By cherub 2009 ">"