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Wednesday, 3 January 2007

A Witch Alone

A Witch Alone Cover

Book: A Witch Alone by Marian Green

As the number of people interested in Paganism, Wicca, and Witchcraft continues to grow, so has the number of books aimed at the new Pagan or Wiccan. In many cases, these so-called "Wicca 101" books are a waste of valuable trees. Some are poorly written. Others contain the author's opinion and outdated historical speculation presented as absolute fact. There are, however, a few truly wonderful books in the "Wicca 101" genre. Marian Green's A Witch Alone: Thirteen Moons to Master Natural Magic is certainly one of this small handful of excellent books for the novice Pagan.

A Witch Alone is presented as thirteen lessons in natural magick and witchcraft, one for each of the thirteen lunar months in a year. Each lesson ends with a project and a Reading List. Unlike most "Wicca 101" book authors, Green doesn't just fill you with facts and opinion, she teaches you how to use and trust your own intuition. Her exercises help you build your own personal craft. If you do spend a year with this book, by year's end you'll not only have a good bit of craft training and practice under your belt but you'll have a much better sense of your spiritual self.

Some more traditional Wiccans may have problems with this book as its approach is not very traditional. It glosses over -- or doesn't even mention -- some things that many very traditional Wiccans apparently consider very important. Of course, most Wiccans who will have such problems with A Witch Alone do not really believe one can train and initiate oneself to start with.

I think this is the best of the "Wicca 101" books currently available. If you can only afford to buy one introductory book, Marian Green's A Witch Alone: Thirteen Moons to Master Natural Magic is the one I think you should buy. You will not get the most out of it, however, if you just sit down and read it. To get the full value out of this book, you really need to work through it one moon at a time.

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