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Wednesday, 1 February 2006

The Witchcraft Sourcebook

The Witchcraft Sourcebook Cover

Book: The Witchcraft Sourcebook by Brian Levack

If you are considering Levack's Sourcebook, then chances are you already know something about witchcraft. This collection of documents ranges from classical antiquity to the twentieth century, although most documents fall in the Early Modern period and the great age of witch hunts. The documents are well chosen and edited.

The Witchcraft Sourcebook will benefit both undergraduate and graduate students who are interested in the study of Western religion and history. It will also serve as an excellent supplemental reader in most general survey courses in Western Civilization. The topic is one that often enthralls students, and it will help them to understand pivotal cultural phenomena that transcended political and religious boundaries.

This is good stuff, and Levack hits the highlights such as the Canon Episcopi, Nider, Kramer, Weyer and Spee. If those names mean something to you, then I would highly recommend this book, as it is an excellent collection of relevant documents. If they don't, then you might want to start somewhere else that would put these things in more context (although he does have a small Introduction to each document in the book).

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