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Friday, 8 February 2008

Robert Kirk Walker Between Worlds

Robert Kirk Walker Between Worlds Cover

Book: Robert Kirk Walker Between Worlds by Robert John Stewart

This new edition of The Secret Commonwealth comes many years after I first read, in childhood, the incomplete edition prepared by Andrew Lang and published in the last century. In the intervening period a modern academic edition, edited by Stewart Sanderson, was published by the folklore Society (Mistletoe Series). This important edition lists all known manuscript sources and published variants, and I am indebted to the author for much valuable information. I must also acknowledge Dr. Deirdre Green, who, in 1982 introduced me to Kirk's fairy hill and took me to visit Kirk's grave and his home region in Aberfoyle, thus reawakening my dormant interest in The Secret Commonwealth and the lore of the Second Sight which runs in my own family. The concept of rendering the original text into modern English, in addition to a new short Commentary which I had long intended to write, was suggested to me by folklorist Jennifer Westwood during a bus journey through the Highlands of Scotland in pursuit of elusive ancient sites. In which situation, as Robert Kirk himself would say, such antic fancies as fairy-lore and wrestling with the wraiths and aery substance of his book were made sensible both to the intellectual and visive faculties.

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