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Thursday, 7 February 2008

The Luciferian Path The Witches Sabbat

The Luciferian Path The Witches Sabbat Cover

Book: The Luciferian Path The Witches Sabbat by Michael Ford

The Averse Path-way of the Sabbat lies in the twilight, the space between sleep and dreaming, which the flesh takes flight without weight; to draw towards a communion of those gathered under the fires of the Elphame world. It is the trance which guides the spirit towards this darkness of earth or the light of the air, where spirit is illuminated in the bountiful light of self-deification. The Sabbat exists in the mind and is performed in the spirit.

The Luciferian has instinctual knowledge that he or she has opened a current, by their own predilection, which intrinsically blends the realm of fantasy with in-flesh reality. When one drops to one knee in the forest or hidden place, summons the power of the earth and that which lies in their circle of being, the mind is guided to the Celestial and Empyrean (Meaning the Highest Heavens) Sabbat – from those words chanted in waking can the tranceways be met and the Will made Flesh. The Luciferian Path is indeed based in the shadow. The Luciferian is one who begins in darkness, masters the infernal aspects of his/her being and then seeks to illuminate further the light of imagination; the flame of consciousness and isolate being – this is known as the Black Flame.

God forms associated with the Black Flame and self-illumination are Lucifer (called Azal’ucel), Set (The Egyptian God), Lilith (The Goddess of the Luciferian Path), Cain (the isolate one, Lord of Magicians and Witches) and Ahriman (The Dragon of Darkness who takes many forms). Such god forms span various cultures and ages, but their essence lives in the idea of the Sabbat and Luciferian witchcraft and Sorcery.

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