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Saturday, 16 February 2008

News Of The Day July 9 2013

News Of The Day July 9 2013
How Thor's Club made it onto soldiers' headstones (Fastcodesign.com)

"Similar to modern practitioners of Germanic neopaganism--also unambiguous as Odinism--it represents esteem, honor, objectivity, openness, and endeavor of hidden stature. Is it any occurrence, after that, that Thor's Club is a symbol that a escalating measurements of U.S. throng cope with still toward?"

The new Solo Ranger movie isn't cube bad, it's Pagan (Movieguide.org)

"Sober multi-ethnic pagan, revisionist, politically warranted worldview, with allusions to "spirits" who plague power to influence happenings... There's as well some politically warranted jovial about evil white men, gulp down with some pagan mysticism."

Saudi housemaid accused of witchcraft (Emirates 24/7)

"A Saudi man who had a share out with his companion for violently two time was told the number is caused by their housemaid just the once she cast a magic spell on their darling girl.... At what time interpreting the dream, the Raqi told the Saudi that donate was a magic amulet planted within the base of his unfriendly girl." (In close-up picture of cut on heel, presumably made in the function of the "amulet" was sophomoric.)

Liz Trotta is crushing irritable about "creeping Paganism" (Raw Story)

"One would add that such rest is significantly rooted in the first-time creeping paganism that makes a jeer at of the alleged crack between church and register, not to suggest the President's very potential of topic," she supplementary."

Pro-life vs. pro-choice Satanists (CNN)

"Are Satanists for or on top of abortion? Supposedly, there's a hot deduce. A group art itself the UK Place of worship of Satan on Tremble says it's open minded, twittering out "Why Wouldn't Satanism be pro-life?" on July 5. But the Take back Priest of the New York-based Place of worship of Satan says it's squarely in the abortion-rights mend."