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Thursday, 7 February 2008

Feast Of Saint Mary Domenica Mazzarello

Feast Of Saint Mary Domenica Mazzarello

Old Making

Mary Domenica was innate on May 9, 1837, in Mornese (Alessandria). At home she was helped to reach a arduous fondness, remorseless work and that due brash lane and severity of judgement that she would put on in similar to life as Congregational Senior. At fifteen, she tied the Alliance of the Daughters of Mary Untouched and began her apostolate by the primitive kingdom of her village.

A didactic sortie of typhoid, at the age of 23, had a critical spiritual effect on her. The know-how of her own physical accuracy, on the one hand, deepened her desertion to God and, on the other, incited her to open a needlepoint school to branch of learning the girls in work, prayer and love of God.


Enhance to her unruly sacramental life, and under the sagacious instruction of Fr. Pestarino, she completed muscular increase in the spiritual life. On the have a break of Don Bosco's look into to Mornese (10-8-1864) she said: "Don Bosco is a saint and I sound it". In 1872 Don Bosco chose her to begin the Found of the Daughters of Mary Approve of Christians (Salesian Sisters).


As Congregational Senior, she proved a excellent formator and guide of spiritual life. She was heartening and peaceful, and insult peacefulness everyplace she went. She radiated joy and versatile other primitive kingdom in her dedication to the lessons of women.

Friendly Origin

The Found fully developed before long. At her death, she gone her Daughters an elevating tradition, permeated by Gospel values: the excavate for God, whom we come to know out of action prevailing catechesis and warm love, dealings in work, forthrightness and humility, despondency of life and joyful self-giving.

She died in Nizza Monferrato on May 14, 1881.

Her organization are valued in the Basilica of Mary Our Approve in Turin. Her dinner is notable on May 13.

"- BEATIFIED ON 20-11-38"

" - CANONISED ON 24-6-51"

In addition resources: www.sdb.org