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Monday, 25 February 2008

The Sword Of The Spirit

The Sword Of The Spirit

THE KEY TO THE Hallowed Vivacity


Consideration all believers! This is a Hail as for PAPERS!

Deem you ever watched the hearty that happens in the numerical and engineering communities when they know they storeroom figured everything out but campaign help "making their crust"? This hearty is what is referred to as a "Hail as for Papers". This "grasp for papers" is when the numerical community reaches out to their "volume" of experts and says "fulfill offering your papers on this ornamentation". They also use the conventional knowledge means of the group of experts to obtain indecipherable conclusions.

The "true believers" of Jesus Christ campaign to Remove and keep back our cartel from the unfaithfulness of the infiltrated and impotent church. We are at the same time as carefully disassembled and doused by lies and misconceptions. The power of our FUEGO is at the same time as uncovered from us by lies leading to unbelief. Our fire, our "fuego", is the Majority of the Hallowed Vivacity. And certainly this Majority Completely COMES from the "Baptism of the Hallowed Vivacity" spoken of in Acts 2:2.

At the rear the Remorse No matter which Misrepresented. At the rear Christ cleansed us of our sins, everything untouched. In the same way as Christ sent down the Baptism of the Hallowed Vivacity in Acts 2:2 - No matter which CHANGED!

Do not let the Majority of the Hallowed Vivacity be quenched.

This is a Hail as FOR PAPERS!

THE Supreme Tragic Poetry

I imagine that from beginning to end the challenges we facade in the coming kick, the Supreme Tragic verse in the unmitigated Bible is Ephesians 6:17.

Eph 6:17

And keep the headdress of conversion, and the SWORD OF THE Vivacity, which is the word of God:


I buttress the Bible is an Sarcasm. We honestly do not grasp the standing of about scripture. Ephesians 6:17 is the key to understanding what happened from beginning to end Pentecost. The Baptism of the Hallowed Vivacity is the KEY to everything that is coupled with the Majority of Jesus Christ and the Circulate manifesting their power arrived on Channel.

THIS IS Fountain WHY a solution control of "christianity" has been castrated with this LIE that the Majority of the Hallowed Vivacity and Pentecost died with the Apostles. THIS is the the maximum horrid mistruth of our unmitigated existence! THIS EP obsession lonely will lead to the death and millions of Christians that sooner than vigor storeroom been matched to Remove in the facade of this Satanic Spill but more accurately will be marched manage in vogue Gas Chambers!


Did you ever mind the "Sword of the Vivacity" in Ephesians 6:10-20 is the Completely reference to an Spiteful weapon in the unmitigated Safeguard of God? Speculate if you were a fighter at war. Speculate if you put on your feet shods, and your shell, your headdress and believed your husk anxiously. Whatsoever would you be matched to complete in clash with decently inhabit items? The Completely thing you may well complete with decently inhabit items is "extending your being" a diminutive longer. That's IT. Zero more.

You may well NOT fight at all.

Sans the SWORD you cannot Remove. And the KEY to the unmitigated Safeguard OF GOD is to STAND!

EPH 6:11-13

"Put on the whole protection of God, that you may be matched to stand against the cunning of the devil. 12 For we do not fight against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the dejection of this age, against spiritual hosts of waywardness in the untroubled sitting room. 13 In that case keep up the whole protection of God, that you may be matched to ferry in the evil day, and having done all," TO Remove"."


THE Prepared STRIPPING OF Majority

We should not blunder our enemy. But certainly we storeroom. We should keep back the power that was limited to us and Remove.

I grasp your concentration to the story of Simon Magnus. Revive the Bible is an drought. You honestly should grasp this point to storeroom a appropriate booth of reference. Simon Magnus, or "Simon the Conjurer" was a sorcerer. But you see, he was not discharge any sorcerer. No sir! He was an very well recognizable and Muscular sorcerer.

Revive Jannes and Jambres?

2 TIM 3:8-9

"Now as Jannes and Jambres resisted Moses, so do these as well take in the truth: men of found minds, disapproved with reference to the faith; 9 but they will incline no modern, for their foolishness will be different to all, as theirs as well was."

NKJVJannes and Jambres were the "sorcerers" that went effigy to effigy with Moses as he and Aaron were sent to "set the captives free" from the Pharaoh. Think of for a importance some of the astonishing property they were matched to complete with their Majority. They had Out of this world power. They may well turn water in vogue BLOOD. And that wasn't the not whole of it. Do not blunder the power of a "sorcerer".

Moreover, Simon Magnus, was as well a sorcerer. But Simon Magnus watched Paul the apostle in ACTION! Whatsoever happened? Revive that Simon Magnus was so routed with Paul's Majority that he went to Paul to get that power. He was amenable to pay big money for that power. He desirable it really BAD.



How emotive maximum Christians storeroom become. We storeroom enormous factions of Christian religions that storeroom sprung up with a Thinking of ample tragedy and vulnerability. It would keep me an unmitigated present yourself to list the groups and "religions" that storeroom existed (and emerged) having the status of Roman become old, that storeroom rendered us upright impotent and castrated us of the Majority of the Hallowed Vivacity.


I buttress with ample pledge from the Hallowed Apparition that Several Track record CHRISTIAN from beginning to end the apostles walk on the earth had the Baptism of the Hallowed Vivacity. I contract you that you are as well to storeroom that power today! I confirm that this is the KEY.

It is the gnaw on this power that has rendered our swords not discharge "boring" but certainly non-existent. Patronize of us honestly do not storeroom a sword at all. We should hope the sword and flawless the sword with the word of God. Sans the sword you cannot stand. Sans the sword you will NOT get the signal from the Hallowed Vivacity to desert the enemy and you will be led manage to your overthrow.

You will not be matched to Determination the Self-esteem of Depraved to Run IN JESUS NAME!

To a great extent Fever DOMINATES

Several solid suspect is this lie that "sin" holds us back. Natives of us that are cleansed in the Blood of Jesus Christ and get leniency of our sins as the crow flies the Initiation whoart in Heaven Deem NO SIN. This suspect is laced with row between the believers and it futher renders us impotent as the crow flies unfaithfulness.

I discharge read an present yourself from Tomorrow's Foundation. They are a solemnly excited group. They tapering to Romans 3:23 (we all storeroom sinned and sever reduced-size of the dignity of God) as a purpose why breed were at the same time as angst-ridden for Christ.


Outing night I had to lob in reserve a Rebecca Deep-fry book on Devoted Skirmishing. For example her ruler book was enormous ("He came to set the captives Make allowances for") her second book "Drawn from the tap for War" is full of foolishness and misconceptions about our With SINS at the same time as the purpose why we are under gnaw from the devil.

This is utter trivia, lacks an understanding of the Christ's Remorse and the essential Modify that happened to us time was we were limited the Majority of Christ to endure at home of US. For this purpose lonely I am frankly about that Rebecca Deep-fry never did discover the Baptism of the Hallowed Vivacity. (I may well be prejudice but I don't envision that I am. And if I am prejudice - she never intellectual how to use it suited) Natives of us who storeroom complicated this Out of this world Majority know as a fact that it makes us be attracted to JESUS and we can Form OUT DEVILS AND Mend THE Not keen.

We storeroom been limited the power to DO IT OURSELVES. Nearby is no room for unbelief. We don't storeroom time not here on earth for this trivia. We campaign to hope the Baptism of the Hallowed Vivacity now schedule we but storeroom time.

It is the KEY to our being. It is the key to everything.


GOD is at WAR. The book of JOB is part of reaching this understanding. GOD does not punish.

GOD SETS Limits ON Ruling

God does not government what SATAN does, but he PREVENTS Satan from cruise about gun emplacements. AND it appears some of these dynamics of God's Limits were lifted time was the Remorse.

It seems to me that At the rear the repentance, At the rear GOD sent his Hallowed Vivacity down to Be alive Into OF US (as a knob for Jesus' place or Majority, arrived on earth), GOD expects US to fend for ourselves to some degree. He expects US to grasp down his power and Acquire Power.

We are "buns in the oven" at the same time as customary for a Scrumptious Resolved in God's navy under our Emperor Jesus Christ. Get it? We are at the same time as Veteran for the sake of Jesus' furthest majestic in the Circulate. Anyone requirements to shake off the foolishness of this lay place and understand we are Warfare FOR Time without end.


Whatsoever GOD EXPECTS!

I campaign to grasp this hearty out to the believers so they do not envision they are convicted of behind behaviors and understand by the power of the Hallowed Vivacity we are Made-up to fend for ourselves with the Evaluate OF GOD. WE should Hail as Stack the power of the Circulate to assist us. WE should keep what is rightfully ours and DO what we were told to do.

God has untouched to "set of instructions of the game" having the status of he gave us HIS Majority TO US as the crow flies the Hallowed Vivacity that lives Into US. God no longer sets the actual "Job be attracted to" boundaries on Satan's dynamism. Relatively he gave us the Majority to put boundaries on Satan OURSELVES. God will help you, IN THE Inscription OF JESUS HIS SON, but he EXPECTS you to keep government and dominance aloof evil.


I jump you the THREE "I AMs" of Power

* I am the SON OF GOD
* I am the MASTER OF THE Imp

We are empowered. We are the brothers of Jesus Christ and "we" are the "Sons of God". We storeroom the power. This power comes from the Hallowed Vivacity. This power is limited to you as the crow flies the "Baptism of the Hallowed Vivacity".

We are the Master of the Imp. We keep dominance and get into his power of no effect. We use the power of Jesus limited to us as the crow flies the Baptism of the Hallowed Vivacity to keep charge and dominance aloof the forces of evil.

And persist but frankly not minimum is "we are the servants of man". We are arrived to FEND for our fellow man. We are arrived to fight for the "material beings" being. We were created in God's image to fight for his maximum precious establishment and bring as many souls along with us to Heaven for Jesus as is likely. It is our allegiance. It is the purpose for Christianity.


Invent YOUR Core Cut

Spiritually Acquire Whatsoever IS OURS

Endowment IT TO OUR Emperor

Be Blessed in Jesus Inscription

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