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Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Abundance Ritual

Abundance Ritual Cover


* 1 small crystal quartz
* 5 small garnets
* sea salt
* Pouch
* Paper

The Earth is full of abundance and vitality. You can tap into this abundance for yourself. You can have abundance and prosperity and love. You should have all the good things life has to offer. The best things in life are often very simple to get.

Make a list of 5 things that would improve your life. The list can include small changes to very large changes.

Put the 5 garnets and 1 quartz crystal in the pouch along with the list of changes for your life. Sprinkle 3 pinches of sea salt into the pouch. Carry the pouch with you for 3 days. During the 3 days think of what you have written on the list.

On the 4th day take 1 garnet out of the pouch and give it to someone you like. Tell that person "I have a lucky stone for you. Good luck!"

Do the same thing on day 5, 6 and 7.

You have now given 4 people a "lucky stone". If you sincerely wished each person to have "good luck", the changes in your life will start to happen.

Keep the pouch with the list, 1 garnet and 1 crystal quartz and the salt until all the changes occur. Then bury the remaining garnet and keep the crystal quartz as your "lucky stone".

Good Luck!

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This spell may be reprinted if credit is given.

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