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Monday, 7 May 2007

The Golden Dawn

The Golden Dawn Cover

Book: The Golden Dawn by Morwyn

Taken from the Book "Secrets of a Witches Coven" by Morwyn.

During the same time, ceremonial magic, which followed the patterns of ficino, Mirandola, the Roscrucians, and the Freemasons, was evolving. Alphonse Louise Constant (1810- 1875), better known by his nome de plume Eliphas Levi, was a magician who borrowed from treatuses dating back to Paracelsus. Trained as a preist but never ordained, he attempted to reconcile religeon, science, and mysticism in his writings. He proposed that the adept could receive spiritual teachings from a high plane by tapping into what he called the "astral light of divine power" by force of will. He was also the first to connect the twenty-two trumps of the major Arcana of the tarot with the Qabalistic Tree of Life. Levi's influence on end-of-the-century magicians was immense. Some people believe that Aleister Crowly was his reincarnation, since Crowley was born shortly after Levi died.

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