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Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Tools What They Stand For

Tools What They Stand For Cover
Sword male principle; symbol of God; energy pouring through; channel for energy from person doing casting - an active principle.

Besom Feminine; receptive; cleansing; some consider this a balanced tool as it is also phallic; sweep negativity from circle; gets rid of psychic garbage.

Caldron Symbol of Goddess; holds wine/ale/mead for large groups; represents the womb of the Goddess; represents the well; can also be used for the balefire; offerings tossed into it - receiving place for petitions, prayers.

Athame Personal little sword; male symbol of outgoing energy; preferable made of steel or iron; it is used to project your energy, draw quarters into circle and for casting. Wood or bone are good for the hilt.

Wand Can be used the same way as an athame; can also replace a sword.

Thurible Symbol of air; used to make the circle fit for the element; salute quarters leaving a doorway at each point. Cleanses the circle site and those present.

Fire Red Candle is used to represent the element of fire. Symbol of energy and power.

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