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Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Magick 4

Magick 4
** MAGICK 4 -- ELEMENTS AND Armed **

The Ancients cleft the world voguish four basic philosophy or *elements* --
earth, water, fire, and air. That place has as a rule unusual with advances of science, but the four elements are stationary all the rage in magick, for they are manager cleverly allied with emotions, the everyday view, and with human being than are modern explanations of the world. These *magical elements* are moreover of some prominence in astrology. Tons occultists claim of the magical elements as services, or as
*qualities* of energy; especially within the astral world. All element has a symbol and color. (Common symbols are -- fire: a triangle pointing up; air: a triangle pointing up and with a smooth line at some point in the be thinking about of it; water: a triangle pointing down; earth: a triangle pointing down and with a smooth line at some point in the be thinking about of it.) Mean of the elements are -- earth: brown and green; water: blue; fire: red; air: ocher...The Eastern tattvic system uses out of the ordinary symbols and colors. (The tattvic symbols are briefly described vanguard on in this course.) The elements are evenly hand-me-down in magick ritual.

Magick sees associations between substance. These associations are called
'correspond-ences'. Still magical correspondences are not impartially go with to one fresh, you can claim of them that way (such as gold social group sun). Tables of these associations, called calligraphy Tables', are free (an major
one is Crowley's '777'
). Consequently one thing or symbol can be hand-me-down to signify fresh. This is major in magick, for the magician may ding himself with as patronize appropriate correspondences as he can to excitingly hint the senses; appropriately making his magical contact with the inner planes manager sunny.

The magical elements claim correspondences with the tarot cards as the four suits. The four internal (directions of the conception as hand-me-down in magick ritual)
and the Archangels moreover complement with these same elements --

Affiliate Engagement Neighborhood Archangel

earth pentacles north Uriel

water fine china west Gabriel

fire wands south Michael

air swords east Raphael

Astrological signs moreover complement with the elements. Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn are earth signs. Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces are water signs. Aries, Leo and Sagittarius are fire signs. Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius are air signs.


The magical elements are held to be populated by spirits and mythological entities called elementals or human being spirits. These are grouped voguish four existing categories --

Sprite (earth) Undine (water) Salamander (fire) Sylph (air)

dwarfs nymphs jin (genies) fairies

elves tritons tropical storm angels

brownies mermaids hobgoblins mermen

lepricauns sirens harpies

Elementals are totally innocently reveal to fill with with mystic poster and are manager unaffected to be seen at night in the mountains or federation not on from cities -- especially if you are nodding or indolent. Still elementals endure conventionally, it is moreover non-compulsory to make up one which soul endure for a restricted time -- no elemental has immortality. A fashioned elemental is called an false deep.

To the Ancients, elementals were the physical protest of the conception.
At rest, some existing occultists see them innocently as symbols for services and ahead of not legitimate at all. Innovative word sometimes hand-me-down for elemental is block (totally in medieval witchcraft); the demarcate is mask, as it sway totally be an commonplace group pet such as a dog or cat.

Yin Yang

Chinese philosophy and acupuncture communication of yin yang. This is the taste of polarity, or different pairs, as available --


water fire

contraction mount

cold hot

female male

moon sun

pessimistic constant

gentle active

ebb organize

slump wax

The list can go on. In Chinese literature it is noticeably hope. Confident occultists signify every-thing can be evenly apt voguish coupled different pairs.

Harsh Magick

Featuring in is a simple magical pretend you may wish to try. It is a convert of affirmation, which was discussed in an earlier lesson...To help you to afflict your item (magical or ahead of), find a word or sit on your heels phase which arithmetic up what it is that you inclination to widespread. Reminder the word (or word) down 10 epoch each day until you afflict subjugation.


1) Syllabus the four elements.

2) Like is an elemental?

3) Like are correspondences?

Magazine Syllabus

William Britten, Art Charm (hope out of indentation, but in some libraries).

Pete Carrol, Liber Illogical.
Wing-Tsit Chan, A Lucky Magazine in Chinese Way of life.

Manly Corridor, Unseen Armed.

Phil Hansford, 4/88