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Friday, 10 April 2009

Timothy Freke And Gandy The Jesus Mysteries

Timothy Freke And Gandy The Jesus Mysteries
Freke (a philospher and write of books on spirituality) and Gandy (who is studying sort ethnicity) ornamental that previous century Jewish mystics custom-made the forceful symbolism of the Osiris-Dionysus myths at home a myth of their own, the star of which was the Jewish dying and resurrecting godman Jesus. In that case, the story of Jesus is a intentionally crafted platform for determined spiritual teachings created by Jewish Gnostics. We are oblivious of this, they have space for, for example the Roman Catholic Cathedral died out highest achievement of the effect in the middle of Christianity and the pagan mysteries. They make their crust by offering an inspect of mystery religions, acutely Greek, pointing out the many parallels in the middle of them and what they see as the Gospels! comment about Jesus. Freke and Gandy are unexceptional with a historic play a part of dead biblical exempt, at the same time as they rely in the main on Elaine Pagels!s work on the Gnostics. This book spur demonstrably be introduce, but the authors are equitably well-informed, as demonstrated by their full-size leaflet and bibliography. A list of analogous web sites, a Who!s Who, and an record add to the book!s safe. Not compulsory as an major book in the sanity on the historical Jesus.

Table of Contents:

Payment 1 - The Unthinkable Sensitivity

Payment 2 - The Pagan Mysteries

Payment 3 - Diabolical Mimicry

Payment 4 - Perfected Platonism

Payment 5 - The Gnostics

Payment 6 - The Jesus Cipher

Payment 7 - The Off course Man

Payment 8 - Was Paul a Gnostic?

Payment 9 - The Jewish Mysteries

Payment 10 - The Jesus Tale

Payment 11 - An Typeset Cathedral

Payment 12 - The Summit Misrepresent Customarily Told

255 pages, 1.43 MB, PDF.

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