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Sunday, 26 April 2009

Religion Self Healing Ritual

Religion Self Healing Ritual Image
This ritual is best done on a Monday make sure there are no void of courses that day. Turn off every thing in the house phones t.v. lock your door and put do no disturb sign out on the door.

Items Needed: Silver White,Pink Candles. Soft Music, Favorite Smells you Like That Make You Feel Peacefull. Cauldron, Lavender Flowers or Lavender oil. Mirror. Favorite Favorite Treat you like it can be what ever you want cookies,slice of cherry cheese cake, Take candles and charge them in the full moon and ask mother goddess to bless them with her love.cheese,wine,crackers.. Bed sheet white if you have it if not then something light colored. Red altar cloth red construction paper scissors. Pen

Altar Set up: Have your red altar cloth on the altar along with the silver,white, pink candles your mirror, cut out hearts big enough to write on and your cauldron and your favorite food and drink. and your incense. Have your soft music ready to play.

Ritual Bath: go draw you a hot bath with salt and lavender flowers and a bit of the oil if you can buy it. once in the tub just sit and relax and let go of every thing you been doing. no thinking about any thing. At this time you have the option of doing some sex magick while your in the tub to ground your self out to help you release all the negative energies you been collecting. Make sure to went your self from head to toe clean the chakra on your head. Once finished dry off.

Bed Sheet: Take the ends of the bed sheet in your left and right hand Tie them together like you would a shoe string now bring the pieces around your neck and behind your head and tie it off with a knot.. this is my idea of a Greek goddess dress. if you like style your hair a special way too.

Altar: Play your music Cast your circle and salt your area down to make a sacred space for your self. Light your candles on your altar Sit and relax for just a bit breathing in air looking at the candles feeling the goddesses love surround you. look in the mirror and see the goddess in you let her tell you every thing she likes about you. listen to the voice write this down on these hearts.

if you get a negative response your ugly or fat write it down and put a line through it and burn it in the silver candle. say to the mirror I am not fat I am Goddess and I am beautiful. do this for as long as you need to. Chances are you might cry but this is ok just let go and go with it.

When done Look in the mirror and tell your self that you love her and she will tell you back.. take just a bit of a breather. as an invocation to you SAY:this with feeling: (I AM GODDESS I AM CONNECTED TO ALL THINGS GREAT AND SMALL I AM GODDESS I AM STRENGTH AND LOVE GIVER AND HEALER OF LIFE I HONOR THE DIVINE IN ME BLESSED BE..) Eat drink and relax. When done break your circle and go for a nature walk and enjoy the air...This is my own personal spell and I have had great results. Enjoy Blessed Be

- Submitted by Nikki Preston

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