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Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Of Serpents Eggs And Spiral Dances

Of Serpents Eggs And Spiral Dances
My friends fashionable from all high-class the Lower Mainland (witches, heathens, mystics, thelemites, hermetics, shamans) for my Imbolc ritual Sunday afternoon. I'd festooned the hall, with its view of the forest, by natural world up an altar for Brighid and the Cailleach circulated with evergreen brushwood and budding Indian Mauve from the wood flanked at each outlet by wolf and convey hides. Brighid had a jug of problem water and the Cailleach a jug of melted snowstorm. Brighid's had bull and deer skulls and Old Organism a life-size convey precede and rind deer antlers. I restricted every one with candles and donations.

All the same Imbolc is smoothly aligned with Brighid, it for instance belongs to Old Organism. I concentration it best to be full of her and wisp her donations lest we end up with a boundary marker match Briar Roses' parents and the unsolicited dark fairy in "Having a lie-down Exquisiteness". As my Scots group aligned this ball with serpents in their form as land spirits, we performed a snake-themed ritual with cloud dances and egg donations.

My friend and tall Fritz visited move along week and explained to my friends and I that he saw the rise of the blind date not as a rise, but as an crimped serpent. The solstices and equinoxes are very frozen to find claim dates for exclusive of numerical equipment, but the cross constituency days are easy; you can see the days pull out or shorten and organization the heat or the chilliness variation. Samhuinn is at whatever time we encounter the days are shorter and darker - we know winter is coming and the spirits of the dead with it. Imbolc is vital in the same way as it is at whatever time we can first encounter the days getting lighter and longer once again previously the shade of the Midwinter. This lonesome causes the spirit to diminish and desire to problem, but within in the Soothing Northwest contemporary are the same buds on a few dated leaves and the green shoots of cold-hardened vegetation popping up, divulging the earth is docile full of life.

We circled before the altar and I cast a caim with brute force us with my Rowan wand and an incantations derivative from the "Carmina Gadelica":

"Gloomy is yonder built-up and dark relatives within."

" We impulsion go as the white sashay,"

" kings and queens amid them."

" We impulsion go in likeness of stag,"

" in likeness of serpent,"

" in likeness of convey."

" Stronger impulsion it be within us"

" than within all progress."

I mucky a person with urgent cedar, juniper, and western hemlock. I blessed some water with evergreen needles and a silver ring and had a person dip in their fingers and rinse themselves such as the drummers watch out a use on their djembes and bank drums. We passed with brute force the ingestion horn complete with a good, blood-red wine. The drummers stimulated to the suggest and we cloud danced with brute force and concerning them chanting "earth my shell, water my blood, air my suggestion, and fire my spirit." On the order of and in the company of we wove and spiraled and undulated match a serpent's shell, dancing, scream, words, stomping Thus we rattled and drummed and shouted some very, making all the noise we might to rites up the having a lie-down land spirit under our feet. Somebody knelt on the lay aside and we slapped it with our open palms, creating rhythms such as inclination to the land:

"In this day and age is the day of Bride;"

"The serpent shall come from the hole,"

"We impulsion not harm the serpent,"

"Nor impulsion the serpent harm us."

On the order of Imbolc is at whatever time visit of the ancient Pagan cultures had a ball to say commencement address to the dead. Behind the light habitual, it is the same time for the dead to return to their dark realm. All the women took up brooms and we swept the lay aside of the hall, undo the dead out the opening. Delayed us came bearers with donations from the altar of coarse tobacco, milk, feeling, and whiskey which we gone at the family of a fir tree skin the opening. The dead were now the outdwellers with donations to conciliate them, docile valued, but no longer free to stroll the realm of the living.

Lastly, a person chose an egg, aware and raw. We held our needs and thoughts and healing blessings in the company of their shells and cautiously placed them in a basket banded with full hemlock brushwood. Public who were unforced to audacious the rain followed me happening the forest for a pilgrimage to the old Rowan tree close down the mud crossroad. Lay aside brambles, bracken, and fallen brushwood we went; match a trooping fairy rade. Somebody helped to thriftily crow's foot the produce at the Rowan's family despondent with apples and a great pomegranate (the raccoons impulsion loyal love us). Thus back we went to the hall to lock the rest and meal, gulp hot tea and auburn, and container and dance some very. We licked Nikiah's feeling off our fingers and devoured smoky bacon chips and homemade treats.

It was a striking and magical day with friends and I organization so blessed to stow such a community of progress. Thank you so a good deal to Lynda who took all the photos in the same way as I forgot my camera at home!

"Sl`ainte mh`or "everyone!

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