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Sunday, 12 April 2009

A Solitary Witchcraft Practice

A Solitary Witchcraft Practice Cover The Pros:

If you are a self starter, or you have a knack of learning and combining information through research, then the solitary path might be right for you. You are free to experience many new forms of rituals, practices, ceremonies and so on. All of which will provide you with unique information and Understandings that you can mold into your own frame work of belief and practice. You are not bound by time and place to Practice Your magikal rituals or festivals. You are always the high priest or priestess and therefore you alone control all the aspects of your ceremonies.

The Cons:

There is a lot of research, trial and error that goes into being a solitary pagan practitioner. The more you learn, the more you realize you don't know. You have no one to share an Experience With, and therefore you might lose an opportunity to discuss, clarify and expand on your understanding of the event. You also lose out on interactions with others who are more experienced than yourself. Again losing an opportunity to learn.

Other Considerations:

Being Pagan is a lifestyle. It is an art and craft just as these names have suggested for centuries. As an artist paints, so does a pagan paint them self on society and their environment. With the advent of the internet, chat rooms and email, a solitary pagan is not really alone any more. A sharing of ideas and experiences are just around the corner on your keyboard.

Books in PDF format to read:

Swain Wodening - Anglo Saxon Witchcraft
Allen Greenfield - A True History Of Witchcraft
Archmage Bob Andrews - Old Witchcraft Secrets