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Monday, 16 August 2010

Nocturnal Witchcraft Magick After Dark

Nocturnal Witchcraft Magick After Dark Cover

Book: Nocturnal Witchcraft Magick After Dark by Konstantinos

I found this book very useful. Although it is not a Complete Course in magick, it does offer a unique perspective and approach I have not found in any other Wicca or witchcraft books. I agree that it may seem a little trendy to the casual observer, but honestly what mass produced books on Wicca aren't trendy these days? I thought the book was a refreshing change from the New Age/wicca books currently flooding the market.

But this book isn't for everyone. If a person has a deep love of the entity known as night then the book will resonate with them. Otherwise it is easy to dismiss it as a trendy goth work (although the author doesn't spend much time discussing that particular sub-culture). Personally as a non-Goth I appreciated the author's insights into the night. His approach is more about a naturally based identification with the night than a socially based one.

As far as modern reworkings of the old magicks go, I think Konstantinos has done a good job with this book. Of course it isn't a stand alone work, but it is a good primer for those who love the night and want to work with it in a deeper way.

Konstantinos is a genius is explaining this issue to a new level. I have read his books before and am by no means new to magic or the dark night, but he has outdone himself once again. I look forward to reading his next publication. I already knew most of what he was saying in the book, but it helped make it easier to clarify some of the things I was already doing. This is a love it or hate it book, so if you are not nocturnal...... you might wanna pass.

This book is what anyone who wants to know more about shadow magick should get. Even though there are books out there that deal with this topic, Nocturnal Witchcraft takes it steps further. Konstantinos excellently tells what exactly the shadows are to witches and how it can be used in everyday magick. Plus, he adds extra information(a listing of the deities, herbs used during certain rituals) to help the novice or experienced witch what they need in order to come closer to the shadows. He does not try to candy coat anything, just explains with detail and his own personal experiences with this magick.

I have already told many people about this book and I hope through this review and many others, that witches do purchase this book. Such a wonderful insight into the shadows...

Buy Konstantinos's book: Nocturnal Witchcraft Magick After Dark

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