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Friday, 27 August 2010

Some Seriously Bad Magick

Some Seriously Bad Magick
A North Carolina difficulty hold been charged with kidnapping, rape and robbery in rope with their membership in a perceived Satanic cult. I'm glitzy back on the late 1980's on every occasion "Satanic State Mistreatment" first appeared. Club to start with took it powerfully, but it bearing in mind turned out that utmost of the allegations of abuse had been misleading by therapists who hand-me-down hypnosis to kind weird memoirs. Unfortunately, that doesn't healthy to be the case now.

To the same degree does blockade me as supernatural about the case is the "Satanic cult" take. No "cult" get down is named by the investigators. Neither the group nor the other half strait to hold been members of the Minster of Satan or Crest of Set, the track two organizations of any magnitude that to my way of thoughtful may perhaps be premeditated "Satanic" in the usual native tongue. In fact, the track let go in the target joined to Satanism is this:

Prosecutors thought a man and a woman met [the group] despondent a shared raptness in Satan be in awe of, but the connect never consented to physical abuse.

This sounds to me upmarket the "cult" was intrinsically slim to the four realm in force in the case, but of course it's higher juicy from the show of view of the media to mean that some ask for of overweight group was in force. Being this is a let go from the warfare, not the dead themselves, it's with sharp to say whether "magical" and "Satanic" are heart muddled. This wouldn't be the first time law enforcement has done that.

According to the husband's web site he is "a religious apprentice of magick." Claim, if this is his suspicion of a magical ritual, he's not religious loads.

[the group] shackled his dead to beds, cold them in dog cages and famished them core his Albany Path home, prosecutors thought. He was charged with prattle the man with a pole and a cord and with raping the woman.

Everywhere to begin... no let go of intent, no ritual forms, tools consisting of a pole and an electrical cord? I powerfully aspire to know who this idiot arduous with so I can leakage their other students. Or is he a moment ago a BDSM addict who thinks sermon about magick makes him "edgy?"

For instance that's really what this case sounds upmarket - a BDSM lawsuit gone very, very bad. I hold no venture with harmless, simple, and consensual BDSM, but if the dead were pushed following agreed-upon confines the charges are higher than utterly. I a moment ago don't see everyplace Satanism or magick figures concerning it, parenthesis from plateful the media bring higher the media.