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Monday, 1 June 2009

Casting A Circle

Casting A Circle Cover
A basic but formal, circle casting would involve a few simple practices. First, a candle is lit at each of the cardinal points and often two candles are placed on the altar. As you walk around the circle, east, south, west, and finally north, face the direction and invoke its power.

As you do this at each quarter, visualize any aspect that corresponds with that direction such as: East – Wind, South – Flame, West – Rain, and North – Bull of Strength.

As you go round, you can sprinkle salt water and smoke with incense each of the quarters saying:

With Salt and Water I purify the _______!
With Fire and Air, I charge the _________!

You may also want to trace the outline of the circle with your Athame as you move from point to point. After the North quarter has been called, continue facing north and say:

This circle is cast!

I am between the worlds, where balance is maintained and the cycle continues eternally before me. All things here meet as one, and there is no time.

Then light the altar candles with the candle from the south and say:

The fire is lit, In perfect love and perfect trust, this ritual is begun!

After the circle is cast, you may want to do purification, and a banishing in order to put all the every day worries behind you. These are simple meditations. For a purification, meditated on being cleansed as you sprinkle yourself with salt water. For a banishing chant, forcefully, something along these lines:

“Unfriendly beings, unwanted guests, Begone! Go, or be destroyed by the powers of Earth, Fire, Air and Sea, and by the powers of Life and Death and Rebirth. I banish you!

During the circle, magical workings can be done with a sense of security and inner peace. Typically, I will draw on my power by chanting, others may dance or practice breathing, and once my power is peeked, I will perform my spell. After, I will relax and treat myself to some quiet time, a reward and break from my usual stressed out mode. Once I feel recuperated, I give thanks to each of the cardinal point powers and I grounded the energy. This involves meditating on my connection with the earth. I let the residual power in the circle drain deep down into the core of the body of the Goddess. I declare the circle to be open.

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