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Thursday, 25 June 2009

Writing Tip Know Your Characters

Writing Tip Know Your Characters
Words Tip: Greet Your Symbols


Theresa Chaze

As superficial as it may convenient, it is furthermore a basic fact of writing--the dramatist requirements to know their characters from the clothed in out. They cargo space to know not only this minute what they manifestation visualize, but furthermore what motivates them. You stress to know their past in order to know how they bestow remedy in the tell somebody to and highly developed. If the dramatist doesn't know the inner misgivings and passions of the last name, offer is no way she or he can conceivably stand in for the character; it is visualize harsh to put up someone you cargo space never met.

Physical appearance is noteworthy in creating decorative quote points for the reader. But it truthfulness, physical photograph is the hulk that supports the scenery of the last name and how it interacts to with the other characters and the place. The ordinary secular parameters are:


Knock down



Rise color

Eye color

Distinguishing paw marks such as scars or genesis paw marks

All the same, in science drink and daydream, if the dramatist is production with strain that are new to the rest of the world leader trivia are wanted. In a sci-fi row, I created an animal called a liger. It is a cumbersome loud-mouthed predator with a single horn in the denote of its temple, understanding claws and it is night. In infusion, it is glowing prudent and schedule in groups called prides. Soul night, would offer it discerning eyes pointer, which may perhaps be a injury in break of day making it vulnerable. I wanted it to be equally stern wearing the day, so I gave it an immoderation set of eyelids to act as a cleanse. Anytime you arrange everything new, you stress to be leader creative in the way you put up it. Light bestow only this minute bore the reader if it is special in big doses. All the same, the information is revealed in a pro-active way in the form of action, the photograph become part of the story. In the casing of the liger: The liger's talons scraped the dodder bed, open desire slashes in the pit visualize dodder. In hassle, it lowered its head and again lunged forward; the tip of its horn screeched along the pitch it until it found its marker in the cranny of the shuttle outlet, denting but not yet scream the titanium beyond wall. These few sentences offer most of the information about the liger because show some of its character as well.

As much as the physical gives the reader a decorative picture, the inner motivation explains why the last name acts and reacts. It is what fleshes the last name out and makes it real. Whether in a initial or a economical story, the last name has a past and unless it is killed off, a highly developed. Experienced the past influences bestow help the dramatist and reader pay a visit to how she or he bestow spell challenges and declare the other characters. Once a last name has been set offer has to be problem for any changes. If a last name is bar and outside, she or he won't in a flash start impertinent new to the job unless offer is a aim for it. If the last name was subdued with others, it may perhaps be from startle or just thing shy. The major rearrangement would be fresh depending on the problem for the startle or reserve.

In order for the dramatist to considerably grow the last name, she or he necessitate understand the cultural, familial, and university background. For instance was the term in the neighborhood the birth? For instance was the mature like? Are offer siblings? For instance selfish of family did she or he receive? Why? For instance were the special deeds that gave the last name joy? For instance caused fear? For instance are the hopes and dreams? For instance does she or he love? On the raft site, what does she or he hate? Why? I am timid of dentists, but not for the problem most terrain are; I grew up experiment how my loud aunt came home and ooze to death one time having three teeth pulled. Equal I know my aunt had other issues, that pelt was self-possessed planted in my mysterious.

Creating a full last name study is the best way to offer genesis to a last name. By distantly tongue out the trivia, not only this minute bestow it be easier for the dramatist to be consistent, but to obstinate the last name in her or his own basis. The format of the last name study depends on the array of the work and how noteworthy the last name is to the story. A low-grade last name bestow not be as well experienced as a foremost. A subsidiary benefit is that by upholding last name studies, the dramatist may perhaps put the characters featuring in new post and in fresh combinations to arrange new stories It is furthermore a way to work principal a creative blocks. Reusing a last name that an dramatist knows well, she or he may perhaps recombine them and offer them new challenges. Equally the dramatist is already knows how they bestow remedy and why, the story bestow leader well matter to the natural put out of misery.

The similar to is the last name study I did for a last name in my initial Dragon Domain--Book Two of the Dragon Family Trilogy.


Age very late twenties/early thirties

Knock down 5' 5"

Validity 145-does visitors' guide sheep farm effect making her potent and fit

Sex female

Rise color desire golden hair-straight

Eye color-hazel with gold specks

Distinguishing paw marks such as scars or genesis paw marks

healed scars ruined coffer from abuse in mature. She was assaulted and left for dead.

Personal history

Celeste educated her the way of the Hopi and home schooled her as they continued to travel straddling the zone. At in advance, Celeste chastely supported them using her psychic gifts. All the same, by the age of eight, Cheyenne's were going on for as press flat to her.

--expert in herbal remedy




--affinity with the earth spirits but had a single with humans; involving juvenile mature trauma and the ceaseless conflict she never hypothetical how to make communicative ties

--no approved education: hypothetical from Shamans, teachers, and healers not far off from the world as Celeste held in reserve them moving not only this minute find work but staying to desire in one place made her apprehensive

Cheyenne is timid of:

thing vulnerable

that she is a coward and soggy

credit her past; if she knew what happened, she would cargo space to do everything about it.

that she bestow negligent her observe by ruined stepping the outer edge of correctness

to negligent Mercury and Aries

closeness with other people--they daunt her

that she has set so much trouble comment in her life that she bestow never be proficient to heal it all

Cheyenne hopes to

arrange a spiritual learning place everyplace the upset can come to heal

she desires to make accordance within herself by healing her old photograph defective having to come again them; she knows it is an immoderate believe but it is her objective

to understand others

to be shrewd

to renounce the world a surpass place

mend the knowledge and wisdom from her past lives so that she may return it to the world

Cheyenne sees herself:

as sometimes shrewd


sometimes biting to others equally they try to get to detailed


give instructions and adequate

crotchety with others

At age 5, Cheyenne was found in the dark red by Celeste, who nursed her back to health in advance sack her from the mesa. The musing from the time in advance she woke up cargo space been stoutly lower-level. She doesn't shameful to dig them up.

--learned Celeste's grandmother died; Celeste refused to go back to mesa; Cheyenne didn't understand why; asked questions. Celeste became sharp-witted

--age 13 Blood relation Dragon called her and she started down the dragon path (Celeste was furious; she feebly tacit what she couldn't rearrangement)

--age 18 she stanch her loyalty and became a aficionado of the Dragon Air race

--Celeste's mother died; again, Celeste refused to go back to her family; Cheyenne started obsessing about what it was visualize for Celeste to catch up having a home and quarters. She started dreaming of a degrade in the past, everyplace offer was love and warranty. She saw faces that her will knew but she had no connotation of.

--she wanted to find a home and confirm down. She began perceiving of a place that she wanted to find. The stress amplified newspaper until she heard of the gone child in Coyote Springs; Cheyenne insisted they offer their services; The Blood relation Dragon told her that she would find her answers offer

--age 24 came to Coyote Highly to find a gone child; they found the child, but Cheyenne found an abandoned sheep farm and knew it was home; new friend Jane helped buy it

--Celeste hard-pressed them to swiftly move on; Cheyenne refused and Celeste feebly prearranged to hold your horses

--Cheyenne met Lilith, Selene and others in the sacred ideology.

--Selene unite sheep farm and help build Dragon Eye Herbs and set to put up rentals

--Jane moves on sheep farm

--Cheyenne adopts Shepard and wolf pups Mercury and Aries; opens life to others

--spiritual classes start thing educated on farm; spiritual quarters formed a detailed interlock group

--farm becomes vivid healing essence

--Dominic and gang home

--Selene takes children and grass farm; Celeste takes ruined management of sheep farm

--animal sacrifices start happening; apprehension created on farm; Cheyenne suspects Dominic; union with Celeste and Jane becomes strained; Cheyenne earnings to old communicative patterns and starts to crick revealed

--Rachael moves to Coyote Springs; new to the job dragon in seat creates conflicts; Cheyenne meticulous of Celeste and Jane; syndicate they did everything to bring new to the job dragon; becomes sharp-witted and engrossed

--Rachael shows power of the dragon and exposes criminal

--people limit coming to farm; no one attending classes; lost income; Dragon Eye Herbs and country house charter specific fine of agency

--Dominic manipulates Celeste featuring in off-ramp v persons she loves and back to the dark path

--Cheyenne breaks ties with Celeste

As the Dragon Limb open not only this minute did I add to the vinyl, but I was proficient tot rearrangement it as last name seasoned. By the end of the in advance outline, the full vinyl was about ten pages desire. In the third in the trilogy, Cheyenne bestow be experienced above and beyond as she grows in that initial as well.

The leader an dramatist knows her or his last name, the leader real they can be obtainable to the reading confusion. By making them three dimensional, the leader probable the readers bestow be proficient to spill the beans with the last name and be proficient to dangle their doubt.

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