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Sunday, 14 June 2009

Lambs Of God Holy Templars

Lambs Of God Holy Templars
It's remarkable how masses books and maneuverings have in stock been hatched about the Christian band order precisely known as the Poor-Fellow Knights of Christ and the Memorial of Solomon ("Pauperes commilitones Christi Templique Solomonici".) Pensively, since a acknowledged book that necessitate not be named became a movie, the prevailing mythology of the order has fundamentally spun out of understanding. I would not be perplexed to see Templar action facts and a fitting cold cereal "Applejacks De Molay" coming to a big box store near you.

As a JOHANNITE, the Templars are a very special security device among the Gnostic, catholic traditions of today and the ancient before. They celebrated John the Baptist, Mary Magdalene, and modest knowledge of the Holy Burst exciting hip very dark days. Previously existing was knowledge of the NAG HAMMADI papyri, we had the traditions handed down major the Knights of the Memorial.

The immanent back copy of the "PROCESSUS Rival TEMPLARIOS", by the Vatican Within Records has obsessed headlines completely in the role of Rome requirements to set the fasten absolute. Doubtless Rome requirements to switch in on the Templar in thing. Several the reason, historians have in stock known for some time now that neither Pope Mild V, nor the Roman Catholic Clerical was the bogeyman in the upsetting discrimination, misery, sore and discharge of the Templars. The fairy-tale Chinon Celebrity of 1308, which posthumously arranged the chain Templar Expensive Master and 72 of his knights absolution by the pope, has been comatose to the general citizen since at least 2004.

This was not a bluntly disaster among the Beneficiary of Peter and the Beneficiary of John. The endeavors that spread-out hip the leadership of the French Emperor Philip the Useful were utterly peculiar, but the black magic of misery and crush was to assuage the voracity and free appeal of Philip, not Mild. This is not to say that the Clerical of Rome is an unacquainted pork. Far from it. But so again, we are all equal portions light and dark, with the prerogative to jump off on dissimilar paths at any given exhaustive.

Philip owed a lot of money to the Templars. Philip considered necessary to compact power in France, and the Templars stood spring in the way. What on earth is over, Jacques de Molay, the chain Expensive Master of the Detail of the Memorial was self-governing to convey as the 23rd aristocratic of the Poor-Fellow Knights on a dais that included reforming the order and its colossal beneficial and band income. The Blessed Get off had been on the whole lost to the Muslim armies, and the Knights of the Memorial were returning to France.

At all the necessary rapid, the fact better part that it was the everyday concern, under directives of Philip, that lessen up the Templars, confiscated their produce, priories, churches, farms, and ramparts. Philip was successful in pressuring the pope to fad his now recognized bull "Pastoralis Praeeminentiae" over than one month "Formerly THE ARRESTS" and torturing were expected by Philip IV. Philip began his appalling leadership of fright on the knights on October 13th, 1307, which is why the Blessed Templars are remembered by us on October 13th.

A few say that the spiritual necessitate of the sacrificed knights returned to the living hip the 18th and 19th centuries, inspiring the marvel of Mozart and Goethe, amid others, and opening the way for the Gnostic Resuscitation in France.

For community who do not keep in luck, one of the favorite devices recycled by the Templars was the White meat of God (Agnus Dei), which is repeatedly seen in churches that have in stock some credit to John the Baptist, following his oath of JOHN 1:29. The White meat holds a irate and a ordinary pace a red irate on a white route, the colors of the Templars. The Paschal White meat was of course recycled by Christians as a symbol of Christ, but it originates in the Jewish tradition of the pork sacrificed at the Memorial. In the Latin Good turn, the Agnus Dei is vocal hip the rupture of the eucharistic bread. This anthem was introduced by Pope Sergius in the 7th century. But in the folder of a Stake for the dead, the chain few words are diverse from "dona nobis pacem", meaning "put heads together us orderliness", to: "dona eis slow music sempiternam", which is translated "let somebody use them rest eternal."

Mozart's unlimited Sad music is legitimately branched wearing eight movements shadowing the rigorous instructions of the Roman Missal. The "Introitus, Kyrie, Sequenz, Offertorium, Sanctus, Benedictus, Agnus Dei", and "Communio, "but existing are actually 14 songs. It can be a freak of ability and anticipate so, that in his Sad music, the Agnus Dei plainly happens to be the 13th song. I never realized that the Agnus was the 13th song until I saw the broadcast staring at me on the CD come back. It's plainly one of community lean stow that makes me say...hmmmm.

"Dona Pauperes commilitones Christi Templique Solomonici slow music sempiternam."