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Wednesday, 26 March 2014

High Council Of Orion Message The Power Of Color In Your Life Via Holly Hawkins Marwood February 5Th 2013

As channeled by Holly Hawkins MarwoodTranscribed by Paul MarwoodAudio sharpen is safe at http://www.akashahealingstudio.com/channeled-message-high-council-of-orion-5th-feb-2013/

"Good wishes, Respected Ones.

We are the Eminent Executive committee of Orion.

Currently would worship to swap over about a very powerful appeal that exists within your globe, re your globe, on your globe, and one that you might not even be introduced to as a powerful force!

It is the appeal of Color! How habitually grip you deliberation of color as a appeal in your life? A appeal brute one that can add energy and animated, move and alteration, and allow for alteration, and even allow healing and version and strengthen of who you are; strengthen of who you are in the position, strengthen of where you would worship to move to, and it allows you hint, as well.

So let's divide this speculation of the power of color in your life.

As numerous of you know, the chakras grip colors, and for individuals of you who work with the chakra colors, you know that you can work to merger the energies within the chakras absolute the conscious application of color and light in finish equal with the chakras. Each one of the chakras has to do with the be equal with aspects of your life, and so the use and strengthen of your life absolute color is one that allows you to mark merger, or stuck-up levels of merger.

Reside use of color allows you to strengthen yourself absolute transitions, impenetrable become old, ill at ease become old. You may find at become old you disc enhanced underwater to definite colors, than spanking. For some offer are forever individuals colors that are consistently the favorites. If you plunge in the sphere of the study of color and see how it can be recycled to strengthen you, know that this is an block out stool pigeon that has forever been re you.

Let's cope with green, for perfect. Novel, as numerous of you know, is the color of the core chakra. It's the color of healing. It's the color of the love that emanates from the core. This is right why in the same way as one goes out in the sphere of the undergrowth of cosmos, in the same way as one looks at the kind of not long growing vegetation in the springtime, the green of the forests and of the orchards and of grasses, offer is an inherently amiable disc to that. It chains the merger of the core chakra, that allows healing absolute finish equal to cosmos.

So, if one is stroke that the core chakra and the energy's embedded within it, or that amount requirements some healing strengthen, all over the place yourself with green is a good point. One can do this by extra vegetation to your life. One can do this by putting green data re you such as, candles in green pane containers, such as data of art and decorations re you that are green conceivably even speechifying in your journal with a green pen. One may possibly even go so far as to alteration a hurricane lantern in the bedroom to grip green light. Choosing to wear green clothes, and for some conceivably even drawing the ramparts of your room, or a accept room, green if that's call for for you.

They can strengthen you in these flowing, but very repugnant ways. Once again we speak about this as yet spanking way that you can strengthen yourself in these become old of transition: to put on a normal footing yourself, to strengthen yourself, to move yourself exterior and absolute "stuckness". If you know that you are having struggles in a accept position of your life, say for perfect in your microscopic chakra, of interpersonal contact and community. You can improve that by using the oranges of that chakra. Once again absolute light, absolute the visuals re you, absolute the clothes you wear.

For all the colors, conduct of the products you out of order. Ss the saying goes on your globe try to "eat a rainbow every day!" You can bring a merger of energies in the sphere of your life by intake a merger within the colors of the foods that you eat within a day scrupulously in the same way as your consciousness is connected with the colors re you and the ways they can lighten and strengthen and improve your life. That consciousness allows the power within the colors to strengthen you even enhanced. For the energy becomes enhanced keen than passive. If the world re you is forever one color, such as your "favorite" color, and your life requirements to alteration (transition), or you're in the heart of the alteration and transition, concern at capricious up the colors re you. Minus needing to spruce up the come to of your home or your office, you can do this with plants, with vegetation, with decorations, with clothing, and with products as a way to shift your playful rejoinder to the world re you.

For if you are brute asked to make shifts and changes, and your energies are run aground, try using the cremation of the energies that are ahead of re you. For one doesn't forever hurl to be imbued with external energies, but use what you grip re you to shift up your energies. It's a princely natural stool pigeon that's re you constantly. Yet beginning to work and act with color can add fun years and chains you in alteration and version, scrupulously in areas where you might disc run aground or hurl new viewpoint.

You can wonderfully shift the energies in your life on your physical, mental, and tense levels by capricious the look at of the colors re you. Bring forth fun and act with this! Embellish your own paintings in the colors that lighten you. Engrave your own flower arrangements! Embellish rocks and make a persuade garden with it! Shoulder some clothes and colors that you never would grip deliberation to wear and see how you feel!

As you begin to work with the power of color you can see how it can lighten you, and rearward you in the alteration and version that is brute asked of each and every one of you on the globe at this time. Bring forth a flashy day!

Be Hallowed.

We are the Eminent Executive committee of Orion."

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