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Saturday, 8 March 2014

Jcpf Tarot For Beginners Course Monday 15Th September 2014

Jcpf Tarot For Beginners Course Monday 15Th September 2014
Tarot for Beginners Effect
This is a 12 week course, perfect for people with little or no keep on information.
Taught by Tim Brooks
The ancient Tarot holds a magical for all of us and tons attraction diviners, as well as fairground gipsies, last cast-off Tarot to presage accomplishments.
Tim, a full-time Job-related Tarot Reader, has seasoned psychically high-class tons go and this has included crowd at mediumistic growth courses with the JCPF.
Tim teaches using the glowing respected Situation Tarot Punch, universally cast-off by professional Tarot Readers.
Your knowledge wish build week by week, from the origins of Tarot and the meanings of all 78 cards, straight to learning how to do 1 Lapse, 3 Lapse and the classic 10 Lapse Celtic Direct contact for yourself and others.
The course is a combination of idea and practical work, by some fun groundwork and is accompanied by full hand outs.
Effect starts on Monday 15th September 2014 at 7.15 p.m.
Where: At the Buckland Relations Centre, Malins Traffic lane, Buckland, Portsmouth PO2 7BB.
Scale lb95
Tim as well offers a 10 week bit on Tarot Channel Effect for people who wish to develop their knowledge and a one day joint course for people wishing to read professionally.

If you essential to sermon your society in the course, please mood free to draw near Tim on 07859 922048, or E Boundary marker him at timbrooks*apricotsunset.com