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Friday, 12 December 2008

Spell To Uncross A Person

Spell To Uncross A Person Cover

You need:

- Altar candle
- Figure
- Altar candle
- Censer
- Petitioner
- White
- Book

Light ALTAR candles 1 and 2
Light Incense

Light PETITIONER'S Candle, thinking of him. say: "Here stands....(name).... who suffers under a crossed condition. Despite it his spirit burns as truly as doth this flame. Soon shall it be free."
Light RED candle ans say: "Here then is the strength, to endure all that May come; to recover all that has slipped by the way."
Light WHITE candle and say: "And here we find purity; the purity of......(name)... that shall emerge again, to reign forever."
Light BLACK candles 1 and 2 and say: "The blackness that surrounds...........(name)....... is all enclosed about with these two candles. As the flames burn so is that blackness absorbed into them. As they are moved away from him, so is that blackness dispersed."
Light BROWN candles 1 and 2 and say: " Here is uncertainty, No longer is there confidence in the evil mind. No longer is the aim sure and steadfast. Enters here doubt and despair."

Think of the petitioner now being completely freed from his crossed condition. Think hard on this and say: "Flow forth, poison, tho of black and devious means! Come hither at my utterance, according as I say! I am the God who came into being of himself! Come issue forth at the command of Ceridwen; I am Leif, the physician soothing the God. Flow forth from the limbs! Come issue forth at the command of Arranrod; Behold I am Leif the physician soothing the God! Flow forth from the limbs. Come, Issue forth at the command of Bride; Behold I am Leif, the Physician soothing the God. Flow forth from the limbs! Come, issue forth at the Command of Astarte; Behold, I am Leif, the physician soothing the God. Flow forth from the limbs! Come issue forth at the command of Gana; Behold I am Leif, the physician soothing the God. Flow forth from the limbs!

As the sun shall rise and cross the roof of the world; and the services Shall be performed in every temple in the land; As the seas shall rise and fall at the bidding of our lady; As the sands of time shall pass and re?pass; ever round and on; So then, be it thus; That the poison in the body shall issue forth, flowing ever away, to return from whence it came. Back it shall go to it's sender, Gaining in strength and Maelific power. Till reaching the would be tormenter, it strikes with three fold effect with which it came! So mote it be; ever thus and anaon."

Extinguish the black and brown candles, then sit for five minutes with thoughts of new power and strength flowing into the petitioner's mind and body. See him revitalized; uncrossed. After five minutes thus, extinguish the remaining candles..

The ritual should be repeated every three days, moving the two black Candles an inch or so outwards from the petitioner each time. Continue until the

Black candles reach and touch the brown ones...

by Raymond Buckland

Suggested ebooks:

John Dee - Les 48 Appels Enochiens French Version
Al Selden Leif - Pagan Spells Bath Spells
Aleister Crowley - Liber 070 The Cross Of A Frog

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