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Sunday, 28 December 2008

How To Make Your Own Pentacle

How To Make Your Own Pentacle Cover
The Pentacle corresponds to the North, and the element of Earth. Its color is Green, its season Winter, and its time Midnight. The Pentacle is associated with the body of the witch, and it is used to manifest and protect. Traditionally, the Pentacle is a round piece of metal, wood, or clay, on which is inscribed a five-pointed star within a circle.

The Pentacle is consecrated when the Full Moon is in an Earth Sign (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) on the day (Friday, Wednesday, Saturday) and in the hour (Venus, Mercury, Saturn) of that signs planetary ruler

A fairly attractive, durable, pentacle can be made with very few supplies and at a reasonable cost. I, myself, have made a pentacle using the process which I am about to describe and it has lasted for five or more years now. This pentacle can be seen in the picture above under the heading of the altar.

To begin, find a picture of a pentagram that you like and using a word processor program reset its size so that it is the same size as you wish your pentagram to be. Cut out the pentacle and color the back of the picture with a pencil or black crayon. Tape the picture to a piece of cardboard and and using a ruler trace the lines which comprise the pentagram.

When you are done, remove the picture and color in the lines made from tracing the pentagram with a black permanent marker such as a sharpie. Next, using a large, sharp pair of scissors cut the pentagram out of the cardboard. Use this piece to trace out two more circular pieces of cardboard which you then glue to the bottom of your pentacle in order to give it more thickness. As the glue dries, place it on a hard surface and weigh it down with heave objects to hold it together.

When the glue is dried, spray the entire pentagram with several coats of clear varnish and allow to dry. The varnish will help hold everything together and give the pentacle a protective coat. Finally, when the varnish is dried the pentagram is cleansed and blessed in a ritual ceremony.

Whereas some witches will scoff at making a pentacle out of cardboard, I think that it entirely appropriate as cardboard is made from tree pulp and that the black marker alongside the brown/tan cardboard reflects the energies of the earth nicely. However, if this pentacle doesn't suit you, there are other choices available to you.

* Purchase a pentacle from a vendor or merchant.
* Using special paints to decorate a dinner plate or saucer.
* Draw the pentagram on a dinner plate in special oils which are later washed off after blessing the plate. The idea here is that though you wash away the oil, the essence of the pentagram remains.

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