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Monday, 17 June 2013

Song Of The Vineyard Knife

Song Of The Vineyard Knife
Cl'ement Marot (1496-1544), Chanson XXXII, tr. R.N. Currey:"Set of the Chateau Wound"

Quite of love; let's withdraw for whatever thing new

All that incident, and sing the estate knife;

No farmer of vines but has recourse to you,

Makes use of you to decorate his vines; O wound,

My estate wound, my degree estate wound,

Renewing life, you make my good vines take off,

From which court after court the luxurious wines flow!

Vulcan, the high gods' blacksmith, did design

This approach divine, in paradise hammered out

The white-hot blade, and bowl-shaped it in old wine

To encompass the fine edge temper; and the shout

Bacchus gave out proclaimed more a disbelief

That even perfect old Noah may well not find

A wound for pruning vines superfluous to his tension.

Together with vine plants crowned, developing Bacchus brings his sinewy

U-shaped table knife to bow and bless the calorific vine;

Together with flagons old Silenus follows him

And from each rim, in one recurrent line,

Pours down the wine, tries dancing, lies supine;

And for a sign his delve is cherry-red;

Of his summit family countless men are bred.Hilaire Belloc, "Avril: The same as Essays on the Blank verse of the French Revival" (London: Duckworth and Co., 1904), p. 111, commenting on this poem:Here is Marot's best--even nonetheless countless of his expected critics stimulus not give a positive response it so; but to sip it in full one should be exiled from the vines.

It is a embroidery of the Renaissance; the genial gods of the Revival, the old gods ready Catholic moving on both sides of a happier suffer. Bacchus in hanker robes and with intensity blessing the vine, Silenus and the hobbling smith who smithied the Serpe, the Blessed Chateau Wound in paradise, all these by their elocution and their flavour reclaim the Autumn in Herault and the grapes under a desolate sky, weak at the horizon, and labourers and their carts in the estate, and these set in the brook of that summit time so Saturn did return.

All the poem is wine. It catches its rhymes and weaves them in and in, and moves gruff and neglectful in a fugue, be partial to the beggar from Asia so the Panthers went previously and drew the car. The hub shtick and thump is the approbation of hands in barns at twilight and the peasants' feet dancing gladly on the beat-up earth. It is a very good song; it remembers the treading of the grapes and is refreshed by the mists that be on your feet at twilight so the labour is done.The French:Changeons propos, c'est trop chant'e d'amours:

Ce sont clamours, chantons de la serpette:

Tous vignerons ont `a elle recours.

C'est leur secours itinerary tailler la vignette;

O serpilette, ^o la serpillonnette,

La vignolette est par toy mise sus,

Dont les bons vins tous les ans sont yssus.

Le dieu Vulcain, forgeron des haults dieux,

Forgea aux cieulx la serpe bien taillante,

De fin acier tremp'e en bon vin vieulx,

Flood tailler mieulx et estre edge vaillante.

Bacchus la vante, et dit qu'elle est s'eante

Et convenante `a No'e le bon hom

Flood en tailler la vigne en la saison.

Bacchus alors chappeau de treille avoit,

Et arrivoit itinerary benistre la vigne;

Avec flascons Silenus le suyvoit,

Lequel beuvoit aussi droict qu'une ligne;

Puis il trepigne, et se faict une bigne;

Comme une guigne estoit rouge son nez;

Beaucoup de gens de sa develop sont nez.

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