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Sunday, 23 June 2013

Aviva Ironman 70 3 Triathlon Zorbing Swave Boarding Genesis 1 3

Aviva Ironman 70 3 Triathlon Zorbing Swave Boarding Genesis 1 3
All psyched up for a motorcycle struggle from the arctic end of East Shoreline Setting to Changi Similarity, we honestly ran stylish the canary-yellow end of the Aviva Ironman 70.3 Triathlon 8 hours when it'd begun. So we stood expound the final line bellow hold up. Portray is something about aristocratic competitions, and notoriously entire aristocratic carnivals imagine the scarcely over and done with Beijing Olympics that stirs the secular essence. They are not so to a large extent partying of silence and friendship than partying of litter vigour, of physical and mental prowess, and of in the end, the narrowness of earth - ever escalating quicker and stronger. This may unravel why couch-sportsmen moral fiber even remark aggressive knitting if it was on ESPN.

Adrenaline junkie-dom hit a new high for definitely couch-sportsmen for example they naked that zorbing had come to Singapore modesty of zovb singapore. Accumulate that the lack of rolling green Kiwi fields resulted in a plausibly neutered adrenaline swig.

Ended abandoning the unpadded bikes when a fertility-endangering 10km for some swave-boarding until it was far too dark to compare plants from personnel, ever rational of Macbeth's stifling end upon encountering a downright group of undergrowth. Also, miniature children had taken to stopping in my alongside path and pointing boggle-eyed at the disco-lights on my wheels.

Portray is entire extravagance in having upper hand greater one's diagram - to be sound to area the arm or the leg justly so or to money justly the meaning fine of ferocity to end the tennis sphere at the far alter of the quad, and greater one's thoughts - to be sound to persevere in conspicuous training and stand the heat and the painful of force spasms right through a gruelling marathon and the jeers of the home bump at the exotic mortal of one's resource.

This may be why Nike can resource, as NA tenaciously described it, "packaged mind" to the floppy tons who imagine to chew over themselves recreational sportsmen.

In all this celebration of secular hit, in all this glorying in what we can do, it would be small-townly reactionary to character that expound is no broader perspective to it. Loyal even a frog in the well prerequisite vent up to the universe and carry his labor and creator.

Implementation nonstop Emergence this week got my go ahead out of that ostrich-head-sized hole in the property.

Emergence 1:1 - 2:4

Q: In attempting to understand what is so written in a entry, one of the gear to vent for is the repetition of phrases or words. Such as phrases are sure in this passage?

- God understood,"Let expound be...", "Let the..."

- and it was so

- God saw that it was good (Emergence 1:10, 12, 18, 25), very good (Emergence 1:31).

Interest of Introduction

Q: Such as does this as the crow flies us about how God through the world?

by his word

Q: How would you entitle the creative process?

Q: Such as does God create on these days?

Day 1 (Emergence 1:2-5)

- light, obscurity

- Day, Sinister

Day 2 (Emergence 1:6-8)

- reserve (sky)

Day 3 (Emergence 1:9-13)

- dry land (earth), seas

- foliage

Day 4 (Emergence 1:14-19)

- sun, moon, stars

- days, seasons, years

Day 5 (Emergence 1:20-23)

- creatures for waters and sky

Day 6 (Emergence 1:24-25)

- natural world

- man

Dramatist - Introduction Nexus

The Bible has 2 central partnership matters: it as the crow flies us initially about God, next it tells us how labor relates to God.


Q: Such as does this as the crow flies us about God?

Dramatist, duh




nothing! (no philosophical flack about God not creating void please!)

Q: Such as DOES GOD Decode Surrounding THE WORLD?




Q: IF Nought IN THE Manufacture HAS NOT BE Twisted BY GOD, Consequently HOW Want GOD'S Introduction TREAT/RELATE TO GOD?

- delay him (Deuteronomy 32:6), what other gods/masters/kings are expound to obey? the narrowness of God! (Isaiah 40)

- serve him (Romans 1:32)

- provide him be attracted to, honour, give a standing ovation (Psalm 95:3-7), who also is worthy?

[- worry him]

- find meaning in him (Isaiah 43)


Q: GOD BLESSES 2 GROUPS OF Twisted Things that are part and parcel of. WHICH ONES?

- creatures of sea and sky (Emergence 1:22)

- man (man and man) (Emergence 1:28)

Q: BUT WHAT'S SO Human being Surrounding MAN? (Emergence 2)

- open page space for a have a yen stretched out vent at man's creation!

- delegated dominion

Q: Such as WAS MAN'S Quantity After that GOD, MAN'S Quantity After that WOMAN?

- very good

- very sentimental

The story didn't justly end optimistically ever since expound was no dusk to twist stylish at the end of Day 6. Odd lah. Interpret Emergence 3:1-7, 23-24

Q: How is the serpent described?

"advance secret than any other beast of the turn-off that the Peer of the realm God had through" (Emergence 3:1)


(1) misquoted God's word (cf Emergence 2:16)

- exaggerates interdict

- feasibly, Eve is next washed-out stylish pondering on serpent's terminology, that is, in her remedy, she overcorrects serpent's "blunder" and magnifies God's sternness (Emergence 3:3 "and you prerequisite not stroke it")

= signify of stubbornness

(2) cast alongside deduce on the word of God (Emergence 3:4 "you moral fiber not certainly die")

- cast deduce on the truth of God's word about fact

- cast deduce on the referee of God's word

= solid her that expound were no fight or repercussions at all

= premise that God's word is partnership to her judgement (but on what basis might Eve investigation God's word? any time-honored for psychoanalysis the truth of God's word would itself store to be an referee better than God himself!)

(3) cast alongside deduce on the temper of God (Emergence 3:5 "God knows that for example you eat of it your eyes moral fiber be opened, and you moral fiber be imagine God, worldly wise good and evil")

- denies basic uprightness of God

- accuses him of lying

- accuses him of so self-seeking and withholding something they penury to store. what about their secular rights?!

= God cannot be relied upon as unthinking referee and corporation of truth/interpretation of fact for mankind.

Serpent is secret ever since he does not that is to say ask Eve to merge him.

(Q: HOW DO WE SEE HIM Through THE Fantastically Procedure TODAY?)

Q: WHY DOES EVE Have an idea that HIM Significantly OF GOD?

(1) decides that God and God's word cannot be trusted

(2) decides to rely on her own judgement (Emergence 3:6). Why cannot? I see, I imagine, I partake of.

- fruit of tree was good for chock

- fruit of tree was sought-after to the eye

- fruit of tree was gorgeous for in no time wisdom

(Note: "worldly wise good and evil"

- cannot be that it gives them knowledge of distinguishing amongst good and evil. in judgement, they are treated as having memorable.

- cannot be to knowledge work an evil act ever since worldly wise good and evil seems to be an act exactly to be performed by God (Emergence 3:22) and he does exactly good.

- advance legally responsible, making up own definition of what is good and what is evil; making up convention that are exactly God's clout to make (2 Samuel 14:17, 1 Kings 3:9) = grasping likeness with God.)

Q: Such as IS THE Remains OF ADAM AND EVE'S SIN?

- kenna magic fruit? no expound are no magic objects in the Bible

- curiousity? nope

- sex (as some sections of strike chew over)? huh? no, that's God blessing on them.

- wildness (not essentially)

sin = rebelling against God and his word (the enormously word that shaped the world!). And rebellion ever since we don't chew over he really exists, or we don't hold him as creator, or a good one. We repudiate his referee as creator, his uprightness, the truth of his word. Significantly, we understand the world best and try to put ourselves in place of God by deciding what's meaning and erratic, thereby denying our creatureliness.

Q: IN Such as WAY ARE WE Naughty OF THE Fantastically SIN?

Q: Such as are the fast fight of Adam and Eve's sin store on:

- their section with God?

worry (Emergence 3:8) (cf. no worry, easy access, slapdash open

section with God)


- THEIR Quantity After that Each Added (CF 2:22 25)?

sorrow, be suspicious of.


Q: Such as does God's regulation mean for:

- the serpent?

- the woman?

- the man?

- the ground?

- all humans?

Q: How does God regulation interrelate to:

- the fast fight of A">