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Sunday, 11 February 2007

Rites That Go Wrong

Rites That Go Wrong Cover

Book: Rites That Go Wrong by Phil Hine

I am indebted to the indomitable Reg for suggesting the subject of tonight's talk. Magicians are all too eager to hold forth about the rituals that work - the superb invocations, the powerful evocations and the money-working spell after which you find a tenner lying in the street. But what about the rituals that don't come off as planned - the invocations when the deity doesn't manifest, the Results Magick that doesn't come up with the goods, and the workings which leave you with a sense of 'was that it?' Tonight I'll be looking at some of the magical 'wobbles' that I've experienced, and discussing how they changed my life - or perhaps didn't, and some 'wrongs' that have occurred to colleagues. On rereading, it looks like yet another Hine excuse for multiple anecdotes, but what the hell, eh? (Phil Hine)

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