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Saturday, 18 June 2005

Handcrafted Ritual Tools

Handcrafted Ritual Tools Cover

Book: Handcrafted Ritual Tools by Pangaia

Like the magic baubles from childhood stories, each of us has a stone, a tool, a box, a work of art that we hold sacred. Its power addresses us daily and in doing so, connects us closer to our awareness and Knowledge of self. Most of us have purchased an item at some time or another. At stores and in street fairs, from online auctions and at gatherings we are drawn to the beautiful, the functional, the piece that says, "this is exactly what you are looking for."

Who makes these special magical tools, and why? Is it only for financial gain or does Something else drive them? Melbourne, Australia is a city full of glorious Handcrafted magical items and here I began to seek out and talk with a group of artists who, using their own
skill, toil and craftsmanship, produce magical tools cherished the world over.

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