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Monday, 13 December 2010

Bread As A Magickal Ingredient

Bread As A Magickal Ingredient Cover
In many cultures, prayers are often said over bread, which is considered sacred, before eating it. Bread represents the union of humankind and the divine. In some cases it is representative solely of the divine, but by ingesting it, humans are able to take in the divity.

Bake and eat dark breads full of grains for prosperity.

On the full moon, place round bread on the altar and bless it for prosperity and fertility. Offer half the bread to the earth and share the other half with others.

On the autumn equinox, cut phallic-shaped bread into pieces and then bury them in the earth. This rite symbolizes the sacrificed grain god whose seed will return to the earth to fertilize it and bring new life in the spring.

From: The Encyclopedia of Magical Ingredients

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