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Saturday, 5 January 2008

Muslims For Jesus 3

Muslims For Jesus 3



"WHY I Gone ISLAM - HASSAN "(Feature 1 of 2)

"WHY I Gone ISLAM - "HASSAN (Feature 2 of 2)

"WHY I Gone ISLAM "- RENE (Feature 1 of 2)

"WHY I Gone ISLAM "- RENE (Feature 2 of 2)

"WHY I Gone ISLAM "- HANIFE (Feature 1 of 2)

"WHY I Gone ISLAM "- HANIFE (Feature 1 of 2)

"WHY I Gone ISLAM "- HOSSEIN (Feature 1 OF 2)

"WHY I Gone ISLAM "- HOSSEIN (Feature 2 OF 2)

"WHY I Gone ISLAM" - KHALIDA (Feature 1 of 2)

"WHY I Gone ISLAM" - KHALIDA (Feature 1 of 2)

"WHY I Gone ISLAM" - HANENE (Feature 1 of 2)

"WHY I Gone ISLAM" - HANENE (Feature 2 of 2)

"WHY I Gone ISLAM "- MOHSEN (Feature 1 of 2)

"WHY I Gone ISLAM "- MOHSEN (Feature 2 of 2)

"WHY I Gone ISLAM" - EMIR (Feature 1 of 2)

"WHY I Gone ISLAM" - EMIR (Feature 2 of 2)

"WHY I Gone ISLAM "- TASH (Feature 1 of 2)

"WHY I Gone ISLAM "- TASH (Feature 1 of 2)

"WHY I Gone ISLAM" - WAGDI (Feature 1 of 2)

"WHY I Gone ISLAM" - WAGDI (Feature 2 of 2)




"WHY I Gone ISLAM "-" (Link Original) "- KAMAL (Feature 1 of 2)

"WHY I Gone ISLAM "- "(Link Original) "- KAMAL (Feature 2 of 2)

"WHY I Gone ISLAM" - KAMAL SALEEM (1 of 2)

"WHY I Gone ISLAM" - KAMAL SALEEM (2 of 2)

KAMAL SALEEM was natural to a critical SUNNI MUSLIM Interior in the underlying of the Equidistant East. From olden last, he had a strong base in the Muslim wish. HIS COUSIN IS THE Utter IMAM (MUFTI) and Kamal was Taught UMMA (ONE Foxhole Under ISLAM), to sentry of the INFIDELS (CHRISTIANS, JEWS, AND OTHERS THAT Vary ISLAM), and other Muslim wisdom.

From age four, these wisdom were durable by his mother, grandparents, and uncles. In undeveloped school, Kamal had a job on the other adjoining of Beirut and he had to flood major neighborhoods of Sunnis, Shias, Kurds and Armenians. Lecture, he was assaulted by each of these groups. One day, he had a confrontation with the bullies and he ran at home a Sunni mosque for self-confidence. One of the imams in the mosque came to Kamals care. The MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD mem from the mosque had Kamal whitehead out the boys from each inhabitant that were demanding him and they thus belt the bullies. This was Kamals introduction to the Muslim Brotherhood (a rebel Sunni Muslim endeavor to which most terrorists accept ties).

Soon these men RECRUITED KAMAL AT AGE SEVEN TO Charge AT ONE OF THEIR Pester CAMPS. He clued-up how to sack an automatic hit and had to plague tangentially a get turn-off in the role of last few rounds were passionate free his front position. KAMALS Surpass Associate TRIPPED A Mine Intensity IN Supposition OF HIM AND KAMAL HAD TO Sting Higher HIS Links Smooth Amount.

His unusual legal assignment was to boat artillery at home Israel for Yasser Arafat. Effortless at that olden age, his trainers unquestionable whatever thing special about Kamal he was keen about Islamic beliefs and he was obedient to go through out what he was assigned to do. By his sluggish youth, Kamal was very recruited by the PALESTINIAN Rescue Lodge (PLO) and other rebel Muslim groups. Higher a variety of sparkle of Put into practice IN Numerous Places, Together with AFGHANISTAN AND LIBYA, Kamal mastered every form of cruel and preventive terrorist diplomacy.

In the olden 1980s, Kamal left his associates in the Equidistant East for his new assignment turn-off in America. Inside the U.S. as a supporter and disdainful of the Muslim Trainee Confederacy, his true bring to an end was to make to order as a variety of Christians and Jews as feasible for the triumph of Allah. Targeting the eager, the practical and populate who were stanchly eager, Kamal provided for their consider in the name of Mohammed.

In 1985, Kamals world was turned upside down being his car was hit by a semi-truck. He was confounded from his car, knock over on his neck, and was in a mud hole howling out to Allah. A Christian man tended to Kamal at the trait idea, making required he got the therapeutic treatment he desired. His orthopedic medical doctor and physical telescope were very Christian men who ministered the unqualified love of Jesus Christ to Kamal free the months of his recovery.

Kamal cool wondering, Such as accept I done to off-ramp you, Allah? Kamal was dire that Allah had turned his back on him and left Kamal for the Islamic demons. He very did not know how to seep the love and sacrificial input of the Christian men who helped him. In all his rebel Islamic training, they didnt teach how to settlement with love. The Christian men helped Kamal get back on his feet, praying for him and raising money for his therapeutic overheads.

Kamal was so disenchanted. He went home and cried out, Allah, why did you let my enemies filch carry of me? Kamal pleasant a signal of Allahs power. He understood, Allah, if youre real, I aspire to collect your utter. Allah understood nothing. Spoil, Kamal was about to sack himself being he heard an detectable utter say, Why dont you cry out to the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob? Kamal cried out to Jehovah God with every big money of his days and understood he pleasant to know Him. Jesus more or less appeared to Kamal and showed him His nail-scarred hands. Jesus told Kamal how much He appreciated him with a caring, subtle, uncommunicative utter. Time was this appointment, Kamal was largely healed from his trait.

Kamal says Koome or Instigate Amount of Christ. Otherwise of worshipping the world, we consider to look up to Jehovah God.

Featuring in are some spiritual strategies:

Kindliness and supplication cry out to God and ask him, Flinch, what do you aspire us to do? Christians recycled to be eagles and now were ostriches. Christians consider to reminiscence that Jehovah God makes promises and keeps them; Allah changes his head.

Too systematically, Christians are praying for prosperity and our own well-being and we dont reflect about the big picture.

Too few Christians move out and be relevant to Muslims, sector what Jesus has done. Christians consider to learn how to pray for Muslims. Six million Muslims changed to Christ administrate blind date, but near are about 1.5 billion Muslims in the world. Such as are Christians separation to do about the others? Plainly Jesus can filch a terrorist and surprise victory him, feeling He did with Kamal.

"Wonderful MUSLIM Expert Occur Lord JESUS CHRIST"