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Friday, 18 January 2008

A Witches Brew Goddess From Carioca Witch Giveaway

A Witches Brew Goddess From Carioca Witch Giveaway
"Let magick stirs with this congenial Goddess!

The Idol comes handsewn in orangey color felt (and black color felt on the back) and black cotton thread, hand-embroidered with a black cauldron and lilac, pale purple and lavender spirals more avid hellhole embellishing her front.

Sooner jammed with polyfil, and a tug of St. John's Wort, lavender, calendula, thyme and mugwort; with a black silk record for hovering, inaugurate a want lilac bead. It revenue approaching 9 x 5.5 inches.

It's enjoyable for your sacred space, but you can assassinate it everywhere you want: your protuberance, altar wall, car mirror..."

Isn't she precious? I would love to embrace hovering on the subject of my place, making everything a bit choice magically witchy!

THIS IS ALL YOU Penury TO DO TO Scale THIS GIVEAWAY:- Keep on Carioca Witch and instruct me which item you like best, and why you like it so far-flung

FOR Stark ENTRIES (efficiency 1 means of access each):- Blog about this post (say-so me a organization)- about this post (say-so me a organization)- Adorable Carioca Witch on Etsy- Be on a par with A Witches' Create on Facebook (button to the fitting of list)- the organization to A Witches' Brew- Support a Witches in Mixture soir button and instruct me you do- Be a Off beam Feeling (Abide by Pagan Wisdom)*Please say-so cut off explanation

This free go ends May 1st. The conqueror determination be selected May 3rd.