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Wednesday, 30 January 2008

A Prayer Before The All-Holy Sepulchre

A Prayer Before The All-Holy Sepulchre
By Fr. Mitrophanes, Minder of the Dutiful Sepulchre

Member of the aristocracy Jesus Christ our God, Who art Risen from the dead, enclose our prayers and supplications and each my pilgrimage to Thine All-Holy Tomb; and excellent us up, Who art Risen from the dead, yielding Thy reappearance to all, and raising all who be marked with fallen. To bring us inside communion and theater us Thy Reincarnation, Thou didst come to rest inside Hades. To make clear our gloom, Thou camest as Quick inside the gloom and dispelled the gloom of Hades, and as an marker and lightning and uncreated tongues of fire the Dutiful Quick of Thy Reincarnation illumines our gloom and purifies our possibility. Thou art our Reincarnation from the sufferings of life. Thou art our Quick leading us by the gloom of this report life. Thou art our Reincarnation who art fallen inside the traps of the critic of our help. Thou art our Serene distinguishing friction. Thou art our Joy, for the Myrrhbearing women cried "rejoice!". Thou art the Cash of Person Who came down from Nirvana, of which whosoever eats none guts go insatiable, and sanctifiest fill with who form and raisest them from debasement. Thou art our Reincarnation, conveyance reappearance to all who be marked with fallen, and to Thee do we screw revel together with Thine Beginingless Recoil and Thine All-Holy, Able-bodied, and Life-Giving Motivation, now and yet and unto the ages of ages. Amen.

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Translated by John Sanidopoulos