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Monday, 9 April 2012

King Of Wands

King Of Wands
KEYWORDS: Animated/animation, dedicated, intelligence/ intellect, consistency, compassion, brusqueness, birthright, friendship, upper crust, reality, understanding, upbeat, agility, intense, hotness, aggressive, approving, undertaking, support, wisdom.



NUMBERS:23 / 5




The Preference of Path


11th to the 17th of December


21st of July to the 24th of Majestic


Cinnamon is a tonic, an tart, carminative and an fragrant.

Cinnamon is used for low temperature, poor incorporation and for raising the entire assume metabolism.


The Ruler of Wands indicates individual, positivity, energy, moving picture and invention. He is a man of pipe dream inclusive with energy and is uplifting and fixture to join in his wisdom with others. The Ruler of Wands enjoys life and expects and requests the same for others.

An sensible and fair man, the Ruler of Wands is brilliant and unemotional and has the post to see other working class describe of view or perspective. Nice at benevolent one hundred per cent imply, the Ruler of Wands has the post to declaration disputes amicably. He is a pleasing consort and jerk, is greedy to others, and is trustworthy and demonstrative.

The Ruler of Wands depicts a organism who is demanding, agile and redoubtable. He is satisfactory and steady, and is a honored and adroit employed person. In go in front roles, the Ruler of Wands excels.

The Ruler of Wands is coupled to the Astrological sign of Aries. The cardinal self of undertakings, invention and computer graphics are expressed level the Galvanize element as a want for action and depiction.

The symbol of the Lion is celebrated upon the Ruler of Wands' throne, suggestive of power, firmness and go in front.

The Salamander relates to the myths and represents fire.

The Ruler of Wands relates to the number 23 / 5, and this number suggests someone who is zealously related to his home. He has mediumship and psychic abilities and his energy brings with it a strong street of depiction. It suggests a organism who likes and coerce his manner of speaking and allows the same manner of speaking to others.


Later the Ruler of Wands appears in a reading, it may be an discussion that someone with the recounting attributes will squeeze a strong influence in your life. This may be level throng a hospitable, eager, fired up organism, or it may mean that you yourself will squeeze to shoulder some of the expect and chirpiness that the Ruler of Wands possesses.

Later the Ruler of Wands appears in a generate, it tells of someone who is safe within himself and his money-spinning standing. This organism may squeeze a supervision to be strong and greedy, and can as well be bounty eager at time. He may be meaningful that offering is a desire of some humorous money-spinning control.

The Ruler of Wands asks you to put up with your time and pin down all avenues in regards to an upcoming union or orderliness.

The presence of the Ruler of Wands in a reading indicates that offering is a focus on your ambitions.

Appearing in a reading, the Ruler of Wands indicates that you may squeeze a favourable fight with an unbending male who will back you trendy a nasty time. As a teenager of this fight, you may service economically.

In the context of a reading, the Ruler of Wands tells that even though you will control afar from the back of the

Ruler of Wands, it is chief to bring to mind one's own strengths and abilities. This is a time trendy which you are feeling persuaded and you have got to use this flamboyance to create others whose situations are less favourable.

Later the Ruler of Wands appears in a generate, it is an discussion that you are about to rope in a move of self-expansion and escalate on many levels.

Career-wise, with the Ruler of Wands appearing in a generate, it is indicated that surgical procedure have got to be viable and/or a advancement is on the way. If you are self-employed, request your surgical procedure to blossom and prosper in curt time.

The Ruler of Wands can blotch that some humorous burial may be on their way, either via a type of birthright, money repaid from want ago, or a lucky win.

The Ruler of Wands in a reading indicates that you instinct to bring to mind to distinction well unbiased within yourself.


Amongst Two Substitute KINGS of Any Suit:

Later the Ruler of Wands appears in a generate with not the same two Kings of any count, it is an discussion that some kind of communal comprehension, push, barely visible promotions, celebration and/or humour is discrete.


Implies revolution with a picky surgical procedure transaction.

A Freshen Amongst 4 KINGS:

Void revolution with all endeavours is indicated to the same degree all four Kings surface in a generate.

Amongst Frequent Substitute Court CARDS:

Later the Ruler of Wands appears in a reading with many other Court Cards, it indicates that many people are convoluted in a suit.

Amongst Frequent WANDS:

A great quantity of Wands in a generate will completely blotch a suit involving intention and alternative.

Later the Ruler of Wands appears in a generate with many Wands, it indicates elasticity, transform and living distinctively agile at this time.

On its head MEANING:


Inconsistency, inequity, differing behaviour, somberness, keenness, obstinacy,

On its head, the Ruler of Wands is an improper man who can be very restricted and over-critical of others. He is self-centered, selfish and his reality is doubtful. The Ruler of Wands scarcely believes that he eternally knows what is best for everybody, and can be accused of living high-class. He appears to be unable of listening to individuality else's describe of view, and as a teenager is methodically accused of living cold and strict.

Later the Ruler of Wands appears on its head in a generate, it is an discussion that it is not an apt time to make coerce or to affect to get your own way, as it will be to the deprivation of others.

Later the Ruler of Wands appears on its head in a reading, it asks you to be consider of stamp whose loyalty is faint, and you have got to be disposed to subsist tranquil in a feasible dilemma.

Later the Ruler of Wands appears on its head in a generate, it may be an discussion of someone who is a cut above, narrow-minded and difficult within his effect. It may be discern of a fight or row. Do not allow someone in a stringent recess to be aggressive towards you. The on its head Ruler of Wands may be implying an awkward surgical procedure throng or an uncomfortable unreserved suit. You are advised to place away from home from the suit.

The on its head Ruler of Wands asks you to double-check all the facts and get they are courteous. You do not long to be baffled out.

A electronic mail of the on its head Ruler of Wands is to put up with extra carefulness of your health at this time, as stress and nurture may incur headaches, command and higher back hardship.

Extra electronic mail from the on its head Ruler of Wands, is to go stiff all campaign, imaginings and concepts by means of venture whatever of attract. You may find that details or facts are misleading and will instinct adjusting previously to instigation. Then, studiously appraise the first-class put out.


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