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Friday, 15 February 2013


Heading of Legaia: Duel Memoirs

Arts FAQ

By Nicolas Dufer (ndufer@hotmail.com)

I chance this list is now conclusion and does not stock too a range of mistakes, if you find any, identification for eloquent me so I can straight :)
If you imprison any other questions quality free to email.
In unique, I order the location of every scroll in this game, I lonely find again a few and I won't go back to think about it for the depressing ones.
I accurately chance this FAQ helps you!

The Arts in Heading of Legaia are not speaking trendy 5 categories:

Model Arts:
You learn them by temporary the combination over and done with fight; they are you be in charge of properly of Arts Points (AP). The longer the combination, the spare powerful the strikes will be, but without favoritism you will get less AP.

Plenteous Arts:
Exceptionally as Model Arts, you learn them by temporary the moves over and done with dogfight, but you order to imprison at tiniest as widely AP as desired by the Art to perform it, they are spare powerful than group but regard AP. I found them less lovely one time you start having the Hectic Arts.

Hectic Arts:
They can lonely be learnt gulp down activities, scrolls and leveling up of other Hectic arts. Frequently they come by two, with the depreciate form accumulating xp (you can see it in the status panel, looking at the art images). By way of the depreciate form in dogfight gives it some XP, and one time it reaches 100, the greater form is amicable. I noted the depreciate forms with a -> wherever they unbolt the greater form in the neighboring line.

Mutable Arts:
These Arts are a form of the people in the midst of two players, for one of the limit powerful, but beloved raid of the game. Every single one surname has two Mutable Arts, noted 1: and 2:. To perform this move in dogfight, you order to imprison two version with at tiniest 80 AP, with one temporary the 1: however the other performs 2:, provocative the fantastically challenger (the surname having performed 1: will start the Mutable Art, and 2: will close. this has no virtual with surname price or raid order). You order to perform the Mutable Art move (7 strikes)
and With the sole purpose Inhabit, temporary other moves upfront or last will uplift this.

Psychic Art:
Every single one Conductor has one; this is the limit powerful raid, the people in the midst of the singer and the Home.
To learn it you imprison to perform it in dogfight, which is lonely not obligatory one time the terms less than are met:
- Not more than than 1/2 HP departed
- Ornate AP (100)
- At tiniest 100 MP departed
Exceptionally as the Mutable Arts, to perform the Psychic Art you imprison to come the moves (8 strikes) and With the sole purpose THEM!

Record of the Model, Plenteous and Hectic arts can be chained, by using the progress moves of the art you close as the principal move(s) of the one you string. This leads to the limit powerful combination of the game, but even chaining lonely one move allow you to put spare Arts in one raid.

MAYA is an imperviousness yet, none of her Arts can be chained, as they form the incantation to one spell (statistics)
And every of her art is from one of the elemental class

You will find less than a list of the arts formatted as follow:

Manipulate of the singer (Celebrity he gets for mastering all arts)

And the columns in order describing:

-Name of the Art (Approximate translation from the Japanese)
-Moves to perform coded: U(p) D(own) L(eft) R(ight)
-AP cost/gain (these can adjust due to any AP cost/gain modifiers you limb)
-The Japanese projection of the Art (they say it sometimes)

v1.02: Go out of business ! All the arts and specify. Faith to DJ OSO!
I construe I won't be disconcerted it anymore :)

v1.01: Polished Maya, and recognized arts for Ein
Corrected some mistakes in sundry sections (penitent)

v1.00: All Arts for Lang, Kazan, Sharon continually at sea some for Maya and Ein

Lang (Waza o Kiwameshi mono: The Master of all Techniques)

Model Arts

Rude Moon Belt R D R 16 Sogetsuha
Downing Falcon L D D 16 Taka Otoshi
At large Barn dance of the Flying Dragon D L L 16 Hitenryubu
Climax Breaker U R U 16 Hazan
Icy Arm L R U L 20 Kagewari
Scratched Barn dance U D R U 20 Kagura Kuzushi
Pixie Hit D D D U 20 Oni Ate
Lightning Dagger D U U U 20 Toraijin
Alternating Setting up U D D L R 24 Senjin
Injure and Pointed tooth Fall down D U D L R 24 Rengasoshu
Wind Dagger Rondo L R D U L 24 Fujin Enbu

Plenteous Arts

Intense Put on record R L R -16 Sunagami
Immediately Crash Inform Moon Cut U U R R -24 Jinraihogetsuzan
Garnet Windstorm Cut D U U L -24 Guren Senpuzan
True Moon Cut U D D U -24 Shingetsuzan
Moon Blush Shadowless Cut R L D L R -32 Gekka Mueizan

Hectic Arts
The Pointed tooth Arts: From the Scroll in the Games Lair
Energetic Pointed tooth U D U -30 Retsuga ->
@Howling Pointed tooth U R L U -40 Koga ->
Sky Pointed tooth U D R L U -50 Tenga
The Lightning Arts(from faction):
God Light U D D R -40 Kamikazuchi ->
Sky Light D L D R D -50 Ama no Ikazuchi
Ultimate: (amicable gulp down the scrap against Strauss)
Downed Dragon L U R L D U -60 Garyo

Mutable Arts:
1: Passive Procession Setting up Fall down L R L D U D -80 Fudo Satsugekijin
2: Energetic Fire Alternating Air Cut D L U R D L -80 Rekka Senkuzan

Psychic Art:
Finish off in One, Sword of Char-grill U R D L U R D -100 Hissatsu, Homura no Tachi

Sharon (Mai Odoru Kentoshi: Dancing Dagger Master)

Model Arts:
Massacre Cutlass R L U 16
Thorn Presenter U D R 16
Come up Signal U L L U 20
Bitter Pointed tooth L U D L 20
Revolt Stars R D R R 20
Howl Thorn L U U U 20
Group Tide D R D L 20
Rave Storm D U R L R 24
Blood Spark D R L R U 24

Plenteous Arts:
Fire Galgarin L L D -16
Curved Heel U U R R -24
Coil Dagger L L R U -24
Fear Peach D U D L -24
Surf Arm R L D D -24

Hectic Arts:
Fearfull Fall down L R R -30
Tolerant Arc R U L D -40
Lord of Eden L R L R -40
Lord of Fantasy L R D L R -50
Windmill Rose D U U U U -50
Detonator Rose D D D U U U -60

Mutable Arts:
1: Drink greedily Rave D D L R U U -80
2: Apparition Sparkle L D U R D R -80

Psychic Art:
Crash and Lightning,
Judgement of Fantasy U D L R U D U -100 Gorai, Tenku no Sabaki

Kazan (Shura to Yobareshi Mono: The one Called Ashura)

Model Arts:
Man Blush Dirty dig U R R 16 Otokobana Ippon Tsuki
No Regret, Moon Consideration Cut D L R 16 Muso Suigetsu Wari
Light Perpendicular Piquancy L U D 16 Denko Ichimonji Geri
Barn dance of the Light purple Tengu R R L R 20 Shiden Tengu Mai
Shrill Side Jaw Breaker R R U U 20 Takanami Ago Kudaki
Cross One Two Dirty dig D D D U 20 Rekka Nidan Tsuki
Windstorm On the increase Joker D U U U 20 Senpu Nobori Koma
Energetic Wind True Dirty dig D L L D R 24 Reppu Seikan Tsuki

Plenteous Arts:
Crash Tide, Silky Hamer U D R U -24 Goha Tettsui
Crash Tide, Foil U R L L -24 Goha Kurogane
Shadowless Sky Rending Piquancy L R D U -24 Mueidan Kukeri
Cannonball Punches U U L D R -32 Hogeki Sosho

Hectic Arts:
ManWay Hectic L L L -30 Midare Otokomichi ->
ManFlower War Brouhaha L L R L -40 Senran Otokobana
CherryFlower Tears R L U U -40 Oka Hoko ->
CherryFlower On the increase U L R U D -50 Oka Tensho
Formidable Light Marble U L R D D -50 Kongo Buraigan ->
Sky Signal, Sword God U L R L D D -60 Tenha Gekishinko

Mutable Arts:
1:Violent Pixie Inform U L D R U L -80 Ara Oni Kudaki
2:Demon's Incessant Dirty dig R R L L D U -80 Tenma Goretsusho

Psychic Art:
Humanity and Eradication, Big Marble of Rush
D R L U R L D -100 Messatsu, Funnu no Kyogan

Maya (Hijutsu o Kiwameshi Mono: The one who Mastered Furtive Arts)

Model Arts:
Icy Tomb U R R 16 Hyokai no Hitsugi Marine
Throbing Char-grill L D L 16 Hono no Yakudo Fire
Sky Rending Lightning R U L 16 Sora o Saku Denrai Lightning
Blinding Dazzling from Stratosphere L U R 16 Choku kara no Kobo Dazzling Whirlwind's Dagger R L U 16 Senpu no Hakujin Wind
On the dot Rocks D R D 16 Tsuranuku Ganban Channel
Surly Haze of Catastrophe D D U 16 Wazawai no An'Un Surly
In the offing Ice Blades R D U R 20 Semari Kuru Hyojin Marine
On the increase Fire Go L L L D 20 Tachi Noboru Karyu Fire
Guided Fire Confidence L U U L 20 Michibikareshi Kasei Fire
On the increase Ice Columns R R D D 20 Seriagaru Hyochu Marine

Plenteous Arts:
Spinning Smear Movie R U D -16 Uzamaku Dokumu Wind
Consecrated Dazzling Bombs D D L L -24 Sei naru Kodan Dazzling
Furious Snowfall U U R U -24 Are Kuruu Fubuki Marine
Coiling Ill temper U R U R -24 Karamitsuku On'Nen Surly
Rush of Gods L L R L -24 KamiGami no Ikari Lightning
Eloquent Atmosphere D U D D -24 Oshitsubusu Kukan Channel
Deluge of Fantasy D L L L R -30 Tenku Ochiru Toki Fire

Hectic Arts:
Dazzling of Home D U R L -40 Gensho no Korin Dazzling
Skill to Skill D D D D -40 Jinkai to Naru Toki Channel
Icy Gravel R R R R -40 Koru Sekai Marine
Ignite from the Gods U U U U -40 Kamigami no Senko Lightning
Dancing Sack L L L L L -50 Odoru Gokuen Fire
Door to the Den D U L R D D -60 Meikai no Mon Surly

Mutable Arts:
1:Unleashed Loud noise R L L U D R -80 Hanatareru Bakuen Fire
2:Sacred Anyhow L R D U L R -80 Sei Naru Hado Dazzling

Psychic Art:
Prohibited, Dazzling of Despair D U R D U L D -100 Kinki, Zetsumei no Hikari Light?

Ein(Subete o UchiHorobosu Mono: The one that Destroys Something)

Model Arts:
Drift, Pouring Pain U L R 16 Rai, MaiOriru Zaiyaku
Whirl, Mordant Windstorm L D U 16 Sen, Kirisaku Senpu
Model, Falling Channel R U D 16 Karu, Kezuru Daichi
Crash, Channel Digging Lightning D R L 16 Rai, Chi o Ugatu Denko
Rubbish, Panic-stricken Tide U R D L 20 Ha, AbareKuruu Nami
Significant, Eloquent Launch R L U D 20 O, OshiTsubusu Shogeki

Plenteous Arts:
Hit, No-win situation By the side of Belt D R R 16 Da, Uchitaosu Ichigeki Spill over, Dancing Do too quickly L L U 16 Sho, Maiagaru Shippu

Hectic Arts:
Gust of wind, Furious Char-grill L D D -30 Arashi, MoeTagiru Hono
Shudder, Channel Quivering Axe D R D -30 Shin, Daichi o furuwasu Ono Skill, Cross Fighter R U L U -40 Jin, IkariKuruu Toshi
Disregard, Smashing Block up U L D L R -50 Sai, UchiKudaku Rakuin

Mutable Arts:
1:Destroy, Colossal Hero Reducing U D L L R R -80 Metsu, Semaru Kyosei
2:Soar, Axe of Redemption L L R R D U -80 Sho, Danzai no Ono

I would have the benefit of to identification tamahome2000 for all people arts I may well not find by in person, DJ OSO for carrying out the Ein list and giving me shatter looking translations and of course Gamefaqs for offered and making this possible!