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Saturday, 17 November 2007


12 Honored 2006, Athi Rudra Maha Yajna

Date: 12 Aug 2006 Occasion: Athi Rudra Maha Yajna Place: Prasanthi Nilayam

>Develop Reaction for God and Elegance Cheerfulness in Prakriti
Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba

The shaft is through up of five elements and
is preordained to perish pretty or following,
But the indweller has neither twitch nor death.
The indweller has no dedication no matter what and
is the eternal reputation.
Only this minute oral communication, the indweller,
who is in the form of the Atma,
is verily God Himself.
(Telugu poem)

The shaft is verge on an persuasive firm, which encases the affluent jewel of the Atma and doctrine verge on sathya (truth), dharma (decorum), santhi (muted), and prema (love). If bestow are no trinkets hip, what is the benefit of the persuasive safe? It has benefit hardly afterward bestow are trinkets in it.

Sathya is one of the utmost cumbersome and affluent trinkets. Dharma is just starting out meaningful jewel, verge on a parallelogram. Agreement is essential for every possible personal. Point afterward a millionaire comes to Swami, he says, "Swami, I command everything, but I command no muted." Organize can be no cheerfulness in life apart from muted. Scarcely a work it who imbibes the personality of sathya, dharma, santhi, and prema can lead a life of coolness and disavowal. Who is a true renunciant? One who renounces the fruits of his desires and endeavors can be called a true renunciant. Organize lies true muted. As hope for as one has desires, one cannot command true muted.

Bereft of truth, decorum, love, and muted,
the benefit of all your stage is zero;
Bereft of truth, decorum, love, and muted,
the devotion of all your acts of charity and assistance is zero;
Bereft of truth, decorum, love, and muted,
the minister to of all your positions or power is zero;
Bereft of truth, decorum, love, and muted,
the youngster of all your good comings and goings is not anything.
These four doctrine are the very basis of one's life.
(Telugu poem)

The affluent trinkets of sathya, dharma, santhi, and prema are bestow in every possible personal. It is the task of every possible personal to test these trinkets. Worsening these doctrine, the shaft is verge on an unfurnished persuasive firm which has no benefit. In the same way as is truth? Truth is that which does not underneath pompous time and is eternal.

Everyone knows about truth. Yet, race try to take care of out-of-the-way from truth. Man resorts to propaganda in order to escape from difficulties.

Sathyannasti paro dharmah (Organize is no dharma haughty than examination to truth). In the same way as is dharma ? Dharma greatly is the very basis of the studio of life. You may build a multi-storied semi-detached, but apart from the basis, it stimulus not on its last legs hope for. So, dharma is the very situation of man's life. Dharma is of two types: laukik (worldly) and adhyatmic (spiritual). Possible dharma is transnational to underneath, but spiritual dharma is eternal. Like the basis is slack, the bulwark of the studio stimulus snap in a concise time. Dharma is consequently the true path for everyone to accomplish something.

Prema (love) is the awning of this studio and santhi (muted) is life. Man cannot lodge in a estate apart from a awning. Miserably, in the present day, sathya, dharma, santhi, and prema seems to command slightly consumed. These days, even a trick work it lacks the spirit of outflow. The life of such a work it is verge on a roofless estate that stimulus be unfortified to the sun and rain. Thus, it is requirement to command a lesson awning.

It is love that sustains man's life. Appropriate from the time of twitch, a child loves its mother and the mother loves the child. It is grave to particularize in words the extensiveness of the love amongst a mother and child.

During the Terrain War II, for the carriage of Rangoon from the Japanese, numerous race died due to bombing. A mother and her son somehow managed to drive by base a hamlet manageable Chennai, having lost all their manageable and join ones. They had no envelop or necessities to eat. They took envelop under a tree. The mother would go beseeching for alms from estate to estate, serve utmost of it to her son and partake of whatever stunted was dead. Like she did not get a lot, she would serve the finished flock of necessities to her son and would herself go apart from necessities. So, she became slack day by day.

One day the son, disallowed to see her burden, told her, "Father, from today, you revenue rest and I stimulus use necessities for also of us." From that day, he would go beseeching from estate to estate, serve utmost of it to his mother, and partake of whatever stunted was dead. Sometimes, he would lie to his mother that he had previously hard-working his necessities. So, he too became very slack. The son had no will to look in the past his mother, nor did the mother command any will to protect her son.

One day, he stood in hint of the estate of an authoritative and begged for alms. The authoritative was pleasant in an easy-chair in the verandah reading a newspaper. He took understand on the boy, went hip, and brought some necessities on a plantain branch. He told him to sit and eat it bestow itself. But the boy theoretical that he would revenue it home. The authoritative theoretical, "I don't judge you are really hungry; otherwise why must you revenue it home?"

Like the authoritative was uttering these tricky words, the boy felt flighty and hack down. The authoritative heard him mumble the words, "Primitive to my mother, to my mother," in a penalize utter. Maxim so, he breathed his on its last legs.

Like this sad report reached the mother, she was concentrated in guilt. Not qualified to squeeze the guilt of the tragic death of her join son, the mother what's more breathed her on its last legs. All the mother and her son sacrificed their lives out of love for each other. This was the extensiveness of love amongst the mother and child in natives days.

These days, due to meanness, bestow is a abandon in love even amongst the mother and the child! A life apart from love is not estimate living. Reaction is life. The mother must love her son and the children must love their mother. In this detail, the hang out love amongst a mother and her children must expire. Point a monkey carries its descendant somewhere it goes. Reaction is a requisite. This affluent jewel of love is give in the persuasive firm of the shaft. But bestow is love, bestow is muted. But bestow is muted, bestow is diplomacy. Wellbeing is muted.

Buddha renounced his soil, dead his companion and child, and propagated the principle of diplomacy. He propagated the nightmare, " Ahimsa paramo dharmah " ( Ahimsa is the highest dharma ).

We must shrink sathya, dharma, santhi, prema, and ahimsa, which are the five life-breaths of man. One can be called a possible personal hardly if one has these five doctrine. Man must transfer all such goings-on which can cultivate the five doctrine in him. Yajnas (holy rituals), yagas (sacrifices), japa (gentle doubling of the name), tapas (austerities), etc. are designed hardly to shrink these doctrine in man. One who possesses these five doctrine is a man of magnitude, and his life is redeemed. One's life is a garbage if he lacks even one of them. Primitive of all, man must lead a life of truth and accomplish something the path of dharma to effect levitate on the path of spirituality.

Embodiments of Love!

These days somewhere we go, we find hardly fixation for money. Point old race who are adjoining the end of their life are ferocious in the past money. These days, man's desires are multiplying. The age in which we lodge is not Kali Yuga but kalaha yuga (age of combat). Income is the starting point produce of all this. We serve too very much appraise to the shaft, which is verge on an persuasive firm. Moderately we must serve outstanding appraise to the affluent trinkets of possible doctrine within. Worsening these trinkets, the persuasive firm has stunted benefit.

Idea must be the central theme of possible life. Worsening doctrine, possible life does not occupation any work. Plants and plants command love in them, but they command no desires. They are matter afterward their avarice is gorged. But man is not verge on that. He desires everything. Point if he owns five buildings, he desires ten outstanding. Why does he desire so numerous houses? Is one estate not a lot for lodge comfortably? But he desires numerous residences. He is deceived by his own boundless desires. These days man's desires are remarkable. He has to soften his desires. Under suitcase outstanding reduce make travel a act toward.

We are produce an effect a lot of work for others apart from any mine. I don't own even a party estate. Everywhere I go, I stay in the houses of devotees. Family must soften their desires in the exceedingly detail. As soon as you control your desires, you can lodge in muted. But never soften your love for God. Get bigger outstanding and outstanding love for God. Like you command love for God, you stimulus command everything.

Embodiments of Love!

These days you command listened to the consultation given by the elders. Put inside practice all that you command heard. Receive the doctrine of sathya, dharma, santhi, and prema in your essence lastingly. If you command muted and love, you can effect at all in life.

If you ask any of our students, you stimulus find that none of them has any desires. All these boys are fine official. They command postgraduate degrees verge on MA, MBA, MSc, and PhD. They command no be interested in to go to their home. If they go out, they can earn very high return. An MBA boy can earn a return of one to two lakhs per month. But they do not wish to go. "In the same way as can money serve us? Can it serve us happiness?", they ask. They wish to work concerning. They embodiment work as be fond of and task as God. They are fine duty-conscious. The students must command such strong expectation.

Everywhere you see, you stimulus find that race who are full of desires. In the same way as do they effect by having too numerous desires? In the end, they ruin their life. So, it is requirement for us to control our desires. Through stout suitcase on your original, how far can you walk? Junior your suitcase to make the command of your life outstanding happy.

As a free, how cheerful and unconcerned you are. Like you get a companion, you command neighboring four feet. Like you wish to go out, you stimulus be frightful that your companion is on your own at home. On one occasion a year, you stimulus command a son. Now you command six feet sooner of four. As the number of feet increases, you stimulus become slower. And so, the pace of your life's command is slowed down.

Embodiments of Love!

Assess the love in your essence. Reaction all. But do not illegally weakness yourself with too numerous household tasks. This stimulus add to your qualms and difficulties. Our teachers know pretty well what these difficulties are. You can lead a cheerful life if hardly you soften your weakness. Along with bestow stimulus be less leeway for difficulties and burden.

Dakshinamurthy what's more gave the communication of outflow to press home this truth. Dakshinamurthy imparted his tradition not later than still. He ever had a pleased play against. The request was he had no qualms and household tasks. (About Swami reminded everyone about the story of the mother and son who gave up their life out of love for each other and emphasised that we must not serve up love even if we command to serve up our shaft.)

Leave-taking is well-defined some day or other. We may take care of the shaft fit for now, but we command to drop it one day. We must earn a good name even at the fee of our life. Attend to earning a good name as your very life-breath. Grand name stimulus control even if the work it departs from this world. Thus, earn a good name in ethnicity. Organize is no viewpoint in earning a great name, but you must command a good name.

A millionaire may be considered great, but he what's more eats grains and cereals in his necessities and not gold. As hope for as you are vivid, you command to depend upon necessities to give food to your shaft. At the exceedingly time, soften your shaft dedication. Measure your love with everyone. Do not define your love to hardly your border and lead a greedy life. Point a bait is fall foul of than a greedy work it. A bait moves opportunely and cheerfully in water and leads a happy life. On the other hand, man has deceitfully himself with too numerous household tasks and attachments. For example of this stout load, he has sunk so low.

Thus, soften your weakness and spend outstanding and outstanding time in the significance of God. Like you shrink love for Paramatma (God), you can training cheerfulness in prakriti (brand).

Tariff is God. Strife is be fond of. Hint these dual principles in life. Do not put undue weakness of household tasks on yourself. God is bestow to carry the layer of everyone (voluble positive feedback). But is the produce for encumber, afterward God is bestow to revenue intellect of us? You take care of on disturbing such as your understanding of this truth is hardly invented. You must not be verge on that. As soon as you proposition everything to God, you must be free from qualms. You can training muted hardly afterward you are free from qualms.

You may perform any number of yajnas and yagas and transfer any number of spiritual practices, but all these are nonsensical if the center meaning is not unspoken. You may neglect at all in this world, but never neglect God. Keep your personality ever focused on God. This is My communication for you today (voluble unceasing positive feedback).

Bhagawan undivided His Crack with the request, " Bhaja Govindam, Bhaja Govindam, Moodha Mathe ".